10 best gaming apps to download while locked


Gaming apps are one of the best ways to keep yourself busy during this lockdown period.

The ongoing pandemic means more than a third of the total population is under some sort of restriction in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

About three billion people are stuck inside for the foreseeable future.

This means that boredom may have set in with some people, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working, spending time with family, and making phone calls.

However, playing games is one way to be entertained during a difficult time.

Even the World Health Organization urged citizens to stay at home and play games.

With so many game apps available for free, just tap the screen to download the game of your choice. Even with social distancing, there is a plethora of games to keep you in touch with family and friends.

Here are 10 gaming apps to play during this lockdown period.

Mortal combat

Mortal combat is one of the most popular video game series. It is also available on the Google Play Store as a free app.

This Android game has smooth game mechanics as well as clear graphics. Pairing makes it an enjoyable fighting game.

Fans of the series can collect a huge roster of characters to use in battle. This includes fan favorites like Johnny Cage and Scorpion.

Players can unlock different combos and fighting styles to improve their characters. The Android game also features new bi-monthly challenges to unlock new characters and play.

In addition to standard battles, players can create their own squad of Mortal combat fighters and lead them into battle to gain experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.

An online mode allows players to play against others. This competitive mode gives players the chance to earn weekly rewards.

Subway surfers

10 game apps to download during lockdown - metro

One gaming app that has always been popular is Subway surfers and it is the straightforward gameplay that makes it ideal to enjoy while on lockdown.

It is a fast paced game where the goal is to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding oncoming trains.

The game is combined with colorful graphics to make it more appealing to gamers.

Although the game is simple, it is incredibly addicting. Players stay entertained for hours as they attempt to beat their high score.

The simple swipe controls to avoid oncoming trains are great, but new content is added regularly, making it enjoyable around the world.

One avid gamer is Abhijeet Singh who said:

“Beautiful and excellent app for spending time and participating in real-time competitions with your friends and family.

“I absolutely love this game and congratulations to you, the developers, for taking it to the next level.”

Jetpack ride

10 to download during containment - jetpack

This gaming app was created by Halfbrick Studios, the spirits who brought Fruit Ninja.

Jetpack ride is a fun arcade game where players control Barry Steakfries.

The player goes on an endless adventure with a jetpack as efforts are made to stop you.

Players must avoid being hit by various obstacles while collecting as many coins as possible. Catch loot boxes to get stylish costumes and drive crazy vehicles.

This is an ideal gaming app to download while on lockdown, as players will be engaged as they try to beat their high score.

Users can spend their hard earned coins on unique outfits and cool jetpacks.

With over 750 million players worldwide, it’s no surprise that Jetpack ride is a popular download.

Candy Crush Saga

10 game apps to download while locked

Candy Crush Saga is a gaming app that’s already on many smartphones but for those who don’t, it’s one to download during this lockdown period.

The simple gameplay consists of changing and matching the candies in order to progress through the levels.

Playing with friends or alone gives players different options and is aimed at a wider audience. A network connection allows players to view the rankings to compare themselves to others.

The game remains popular as the developers keep adding new levels every two weeks.

This ensures that even the most hardcore gamers will be faced with a challenge in this wonderfully addicting game.

Besides the simple controls, many like to play the game because it provides them with a challenge.


10 to download during containment - quizup

QuizUp is the world’s largest quiz app, with millions of players on Android and iOS.

This game app contains 1,200 topics with over 600,000 questions to challenge players in a variety of subjects ranging from general knowledge to math.

Even though social distancing is in place, players can connect with friends, playing quizzes against each other.

Those with a competitive edge can start entire tournaments to see who is the best in a particular subject.

QuizUp was designed to help connect people who share the same interests.

Players can adjust their settings to find other people to test themselves again, while each topic comes with its own community where members can post to their favorite quizzes or even create their own.

Word landscapes

10 to download during containment - word

Staying indoors during lockdown can reduce brain activity, so it’s a good thing that there are some fun and educational game apps to play.

One of the most immersive is Word landscapes. It’s a difficult combination of anagrams and crosswords.

Players have to find the correct words in the scrambled letters and insert them into the crossword puzzle. There are also bonus words that the player can solve for extra points.

With over 5,000 different puzzles and additional mastery levels, players can easily spend hours enjoying this game without even realizing it.

Not only will players enjoy the challenge of finding words to complete the levels, it actually helps improve vocabulary.

Cut the rope

10 to download during containment - cord cut

Cut the rope is a physics-based puzzle game that requires logic.

This casual game requires players to give candy to a little green creature named Om Nom while collecting stars.

In each level, the candy is suspended by one or more ropes that the player must cut with a simple slide of a finger. Use various objects like floating bubbles to manipulate the candy around the obstacles to reach Om Nom’s mouth.

Each level is rated between three and zero stars, depending on the number of stars collected. Points are awarded based on the number of stars collected and the time it takes to complete the level.

Each level gets harder, providing more challenge for players.

It sounds simple, but a slight miscalculation can result in missing stars. This allows for a lot of engagement as players figure out how to get the maximum number of stars.

Injustice 2

10 to download during confinement - injustice

Injustice 2 is the sequel to the very successful Injustice: Gods Among Us and it is for download if you are a fan of superheroes and fighting games.

Like the original console game, Injustice 2 maintains the combat mechanics based on sweeping, card collecting, and three-on-three battles.

This mobile game follows the same mechanics as Mortal combat but rather it is with an epic roster of DC superheroes and villains.

Players can play as Superman and the Joker in a variety of battle modes, including the classic three-on-three.

In addition to the main story, players have the opportunity to unlock new characters in side quests.

Immersive cutscenes and smooth combat gameplay make this gaming app an option to try while on lockdown.

Carrom Disc Pool

10 gaming apps to download while locked - carrom

Carrom Disc Pool is a gaming application created by Miniclip and it is the mobile version of the popular tabletop game.

The original game is usually played in South Asian countries and it is usually played in families.

With the mobile app, carrom enthusiasts can play on the go against friends. Since it is multiplayer, there is also an online element where players can take on opponents from all over the world.

The main objective is to pocket your coins before the opponent pockets theirs.

Winning leads to unlocking new items that you can show off to your opponents. Winning will also allow you to move up in the leaderboard.

With straightforward gameplay, excellent physics, and smooth controls, online gamers face off against people of all skill levels.

Ludo King

10 game apps to download while locked - Ludo King

The mobile game was originally released in 2016 and it is based on the classic board game.

The players roll the Ludo dice and move their pawns to get to the center of the board. Defeat other players to become the Ludo King.

The game has been modernized for phones and different ways of playing have been created.

Players can play offline against the computer or against family and friends. Players can go online if they want a competitive edge by playing against players from all over the world.

The straightforward gameplay makes it a great way to pass the time, as Priyansh said:

“It’s a game where you can hang out with your friends, family or anyone.”

As it is a great way to pass the time, Ludo King is a quarantined download game application.

These 10 gaming apps are a great way to entertain yourself while locked out and come in different genres which means there is something for everyone.

Whether they just pass the time or provide a challenge, these games ensure you won’t get bored inside.


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