Banking mobility: finding after one year – Credit Online

The Congilaw company on banking mobility was promulgated a year and a half ago. Supposed to simplify the life of customers who wish to change banks, it was to be a new factor of attrition for banking establishments. Back on the consequences on the banking market. What is the principle of banking mobility? Before the […]

Real estate loan: borrowing conditions still favorable over the last months of the year.

Appreciable interest rates for the best profiles The real estate market is currently in a relatively gloomy phase. While activity started to boil at the start of the year, the last quarter saw weaker transactions. Faced with this drastic drop in the demand for credit, banking establishments choose to relax their conditions for granting credit […]

Fixed mortgage loan Austria

Repayment is built up separately In real estate finance, a fixed mortgage is a loan that is not repaid directly. Unlike the repayment mortgage, the repayment is built up separately. In the case of a fixed-rate mortgage, also called a repayment suspension loan, no repayment is made directly into the loan over the entire term […]

Home Loan: Go Against Misconceptions

Making your first mortgage is always a major step in life. This is why it is necessary to provide you with the baggage required to combat misconceptions. And you will see, there are many! For the following test, it is necessary to have a paver and a small chisel (a buret). The idea is to […]