5 free multi-game apps and websites to play with friends online


There is nothing quite like challenging a friend to a game to get your competitive juices flowing. Here are some of the best multi-game apps and websites for playing with friends online.

Instead of downloading several different apps or signing up for lots of websites, the easiest way is to use apps that already have multiple games. One account, many games and the ability to play with friends.

Whether it’s playing card games online with friends or recreating tabletop games, buckle up for player-versus-player action.

1. Plato (Android, iOS): play games and make new friends in chat rooms

You might like to play games online with friends, but what do you do when they’re busy? Plato focuses on how to make new friends while you play with a powerful and smooth chat messaging feature and “social rooms” to meet like-minded people.

Social rooms are Plato’s version of chat rooms. Scroll down to find people in your area, country, or with similar interests. Join a room and you might just find a new friendship on the internet.

In each game, there is a “Tap here to chat” window at the bottom. Tap it to see your chat overlaid on the current game and use your phone’s main keypad. It’s the best implementation of chat in mobile games we’ve seen.

Once you’ve signed up, you can join or create any game. Plato has over 30 social games, including great versions of Pool, Foosball, Ocho (like Uno), and Mini -golf. The physics, graphics, and gameplay are fluid like butter, so when the game is running smoothly, it’s nice to chat with the opponent.

To download: Plato for Android | ios (To free)

2. Playing cards.io (Web): Play any card game with friends

PlayingCards.io lets you play any card game with friends online

PlayingCards.io is the best version of online card games with friends. The website has a few game designs, and you can customize the table and deck of cards to make any deck of cards you want. No one needs to register or download anything to use it.

On the canvas or the table, you can add a standard 52-card deck, an empty card holder, other types of card games, a roulette wheel for spins, a counter, etc. Configure it as you want and share the link to play with friends online. Once the friends join, they can also control what is happening on the screen. All movements are synchronized.

Now here’s the catch. You need to know the rules of the card game, the website won’t teach you or limit bad moves like many apps do. Think of it as if you have a deck of cards with you, just virtually. PlayingCards.io also doesn’t have a built-in chat, so you’ll have to set it up in a second window or device.

Compared to a lot of other apps, PlayingCards.io is more work. But the simplicity and customization make it more comfortable, which is what you often look for with card games, right?

3. Group (Android, iOS): Video chat with friends while playing online games

Bunch combines video chat and video games in one sleek app. You need to sign up with a Facebook account to use it and invite your friends to join before it can work. Once that’s set up, choose from one of Bunch’s built-in games or other games you have installed on your phone or tablet.

This is one of the interesting things about Bunch. By including support for other apps, it doesn’t limit what you play. Many popular games already work with Bunch, including Monopoly, PUBG, Uno, Ludo King, Scrabble Go, and Chess. Of course, you and your friends will both need to have these games already installed on your phone.

You can have up to eight people on a video call in Bunch. Video calls are smooth, but at low resolution, so gaming and calling can work well simultaneously. The game itself plays as usual, but only in a miniaturized window inside the Bunch app, while you can also see your friends’ video calls.

To download: Bouquet for Android | ios (To free)

4. Board game arena (Web): Play classic board games with friends for free in the browser

Board Game Arena is a repository of free online board games to play with friends online

A large collection of classic board games is waiting to be played online at Board Game Arena (BGA). It is the easiest way to play games with your friends in your browser. Create an account, ask your friends to create one too and add them.

You can start or join a game for free. BGA’s game collection includes Carcassonne, Connect Four, Battleships, Yahtzee, Terra Mystica, Lost Cities, Clans of Caledonia and many more. If you are unfamiliar with a game, you can learn the rules on the website itself and even play a test game against the AI.

BGA allows both real-time games and turn-based games that you can play at your leisure. It also has a simple chat window and follows all the moves played so far. You can easily disconnect and reconnect, and can also play against random strangers online.

Give it a try, you will see why Board Game Arena is one of the best websites for playing free board games online.

5. Friends on the couch (Web, mobile): play games with friends on a smart TV

Couch Friends lets your friends play games on the TV, using their phone as a remote control

Don’t have a video game console to play games against friends on TV? Couch Friends creates games that you can play at a party, with as many friends as you want. Everyone is playing on their phone and all you need is a smart TV or a computer screen that all gamers can see.

This is how it works. Visit Couch Friends from the main screen browser and choose from one of five games: Bombergirl, Breakout, Space Shooter, Football, and Asteroids. They will all instantly feel familiar as they are recreations of classic games. The chosen game creates a new room with a unique code.

Then go to Couch Friends on your phone browser and enter the code. Phones are becoming remote controls for gaming on the big screen. It’s like playing on a video game console with your friends!

Free browser games to play with friends

When you want to quickly play an online game with friends, the best option is to go for a browser game. No one needs to install anything, and most of them don’t even need you to register.

Here are some of the best free browser games to play online with friends, whether you’re on the same computer or miles away from each other.

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