6 Video Game Characters Who Would Thrive In A Different Genre


Crossovers happen all the time. Love them or hate them, it’s a chance to see how beloved (or reviled) characters would fare outside of their element. Whether it’s Mario and Sonic competing for gold at the Olympics or Isabelle defeating Solid Snake in Super Smash Brothers, sometimes it turns out that a character has missed their calling.

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We’ve taken a look at some iconic heroes, anti-heroes, and even villains to see which characters would do well in a genre different from their own game. We’re unlikely to see any of these prospects come true anytime soon, but it’s is certainly fun to imagine!

6 Sabin (Final Fantasy 6) belongs to a fighting game

ff6 figaro corner flip scene

One of Final Fantasy 6’s many heroes is Sabin Rene Figaro, a muscular prince who gave up his royal status to seek inner peace through martial arts. He’s totally selfless, loyal to his friends, and strong enough to hold a house (which he does, yes, during gameplay). Sabin’s discipline and physical prowess put him on par with Street Fighter stalwarts Ryu and Ken, but the similarities don’t end there.

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In his game, Sabin’s unique combat command is Blitz, which allows the player to access a variety of moves by entering fighting game style button combinations. One of his tee shots, Aura Bolt, even uses the same entrances as the famous Hadoken. Between his brawn, personality, and fighting style, Sabin would probably fare better in a fighting game than he did as a JRPG hero – and that’s saying something.


5 Mike Haggar (Final Fight) Would Dominate City Management Sims

simcity 2000 funding meme with mike haggar

Final Fight is a classic arcade beat-’em-up, and its most famous character is undoubtedly Mike Haggar. A professional wrestler who was elected mayor of Metro City, Haggar makes it his business to personally clean up crime, one beater at a time. Presumably, he takes some time to crack some skulls in the name of justice to rule the city as well.

Considering Haggar was mayor for at least six years (the original Final Fight debuted in 1989 and Final Fight 3 was released in 1995), we know he’s been re-elected at least once since the mayoral terms. in Japan – where the game was created. – last four years. The series is also canonically set in the Street Fighter universe, and a statue of Haggar can be seen in the background of the construction site stage in Street Fighter 4. Clearly, Haggar has done a pretty good job. as mayor to not only get a second term but also to erect a statue.

All this to say that Haggar would make a fantastic player advisor in city builders like SimCity or Cities: Skylines.. Heck, his mere presence should be enough to lower crime rates – after seeing what he did to the Mad Gear Gang, criminals would give his town plenty of room.

4 Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) Would Run a Villainous Factory

sonic dr robotnik

Sonic’s nemesis may be a megalomaniacal buffoon, but his ability to mass-produce robots is second to none. No matter how many times his plans are foiled, Eggman always manages to obtain the resources to create more gargantuan facilities and mechanized guards, seemingly all by himself. With that kind of ability to plan and automate large-scale assembly, Eggman would be a marvel for games like Satisfactory or Factorio.

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It’s unclear whether the convoluted designs of Eggman’s facilities are meant to improve production or simply make it harder for Sonic to infiltrate. You wouldn’t expect a shuttle loop to belong in a robot factory, but for all his bluster, Eggman is still a genius – maybe those loops are particle accelerators or some other gimmick whimsical. Even if they are merely cosmetic, the complex and original constructions of Eggman’s projects would be even more wonderful to see in a factory simulation.

3 Doomguy (Doom) would be the terror of the Nether

mash up minecraft doom

It’s already well established that Doomguy, AKA the Doom Slayer, is a first-person force of destruction. The original FPS protagonist has violently dismantled the forces of Hell since 1993. He would easily transition to Minecraft, although one wonders how much crafting he would realistically do. Doomguy would quickly adapt to Minecraft’s health and armor system, which is somewhat similar to that of his own game, and begin wiping out every mob in sight.

The absence of his usual arsenal probably wouldn’t bother Doomguy – once he figures out how to craft swords and bows, he’ll leave a trail of gory pixels in his wake. While he’s likely wary of building interdimensional portals given his previous experiences with them, once a Nether portal is up and running, Doomguy will be back where he belongs – slaying demons in their own turf. Finding the Citadel and unlocking the End Portal is in many ways just a classic Doom level – find the keys, open the door, rush to the exit, all while slaying monsters. The ender dragon doesn’t stand a chance.

2 The Payday Gang (Payday) would be the guild to beat in any MMO

payday 2 wolf hoxton dallas

The masked and well-dressed criminals of Payday are some of the most brazen and successful thieves the gaming world has ever seen. Whether they’re flipping a jewelry store for quick cash or executing a carefully planned heist that could change the course of history, the Payday Gang have shown time and time again that nothing will stop them from reaching their next big score. The nature of their game means that their playgrounds have a limited range, limiting the havoc they cause to a relatively small area. Giving them free rein to explore the world and loot it as they see fit would lead to pure, endless anarchy on the server.

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While their talents are probably best suited to crime MMOs like GTA Online or ruthless, ruthless games like EVE Online, Dallas and her cohorts would be just as successful in more traditional entries like Final Fantasy 14. Their coordination and composure under pressure make them the ultimate raid guild – they’ve faced SWAT teams dozens of times before, so why should they be afraid of dragons and such?

1 Andrew Ryan (Bioshock) would destroy the game and the planet via exploitative blockchain games

Bioshock Andrew Ryan Rapture Control

Andrew Ryan is one of the most enduring villains in the game, despite only appearing once in person. Bioshock’s mastermind has built itself an underwater paradise free from the constraints of surveillance, regulations, and basic human morality. Even if he and Rapture had survived, it’s unlikely he would have lived to see the rise of blockchain, as he would now be over 100 years old. It’s a good thing because if anyone had found the surest way to make money with crypto and NFTs to the detriment of everyone and everything around it, it would be Andrew Ryan.

A devoted libertarian inspired by the works of Ayn Rand, Ryan is said to have been an early adopter of cryptocurrencies – heck, given his prowess, he could have invented them before the turn of the 21st century. He certainly wouldn’t hesitate to trick people into paying thousands of dollars for literally nothing, or announcing projects and then disappearing with the investors’ money. If he got caught, he’d probably start moralizing about objectivism and pretend it was his victims’ fault for being so gullible.

Game publishers from Ubisoft to Team17 would seek Ryan’s advice on incorporating blockchain and NFT technology into their games, and he would convince them to please stay the course despite protests from gamers and developers. Since everything about Ryan’s philosophy is unsustainable (which was largely the all the interest of his game), everything would eventually crumble around him, and he would remain impassive and defiant until the end.

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