8 Video Game Characters Who Use Poison


Video game characters use all sorts of methods to kill their nemesis or anyone else they don’t like. They can use guns, swords, ice, fire, explosives, electricity, or baseball bats to get the job done.

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Poison is another popular way to cause problems for your opponents. In fact, it’s a very varied method because you can poison people in many different ways. For example, some slip the poisonous liquid into a person’s drink, while others are able to spit poisonous substances at their enemies. Whichever way they do it, the following characters have been known to use toxins as one of their primary weapons.


8/8 GlaDOS – Portal Series

This AI from the Portal series is one of the best characters in video game history. During games, she usually acts as a guide in each test chamber of the Aperture Science Facility. It makes her look like a friendly character, which couldn’t be further from the truth. She continually mocks and insults you during the tests.

Verbal jabs are just hilarious lines of dialogue, so they’re harmless. What is harmful, however, is the poisonous nerve gas she sometimes tries to use on you. The toxin will kill you if you stay there too long.

7/8 Malboro – Final Fantasy Series

Most entries in the Final Fantasy series include new protagonists and supporting characters. Thus, most of the main players only appear in one match. The same cannot be said for some other creatures, such as Malboro. This slimy multi-eyed monster has appeared in many entries in the series.

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There are different versions of the beast, but none of them are allies. Therefore, when you encounter a Malboro, you usually have to fight it. As such, you will have to deal with its various attacks, the best known being bad breath. This move often inflicts several ailments on your party, including poison, which means your characters start losing HP.

Throughout the third Metal Gear Solid game, Naked Snake proves to be one of the world’s greatest soldiers. The main way he earns this reputation is by taking out the Legendary Cobra Unit one by one. Fear is a member of said unity.

Like the rest of the team, he’s not quite a normal guy. The man has strange joints, reptilian eyes, an inhuman tongue and the climbing ability of a chimpanzee. His use of poison is more scientific than any of his other attributes, as he simply fires poisonous darts from his crossbow. It’s not just any poison, as it comes from the Brazilian wandering spider, whose venom can kill you quite quickly.

5/8 Gengar – Pokemon Series

The Pokemon series has included many types of poisons over the years. Perhaps the most famous of all, however, is Gengar. After all, it is one of the most recognizable Pokémon in the world. That’s partly because the little monster has been around since Gen 1.

It is primarily a Ghost-type Pokemon, which means most of the moves it learns by leveling up are Ghost-based. Still, you can infuse it with several deadly poison attacks through TMs. So you can basically turn him into a poisonous ghost, which sounds terrifying.

4/8 Green Knight – Castle Crashers

At the start of your Castle Crashers adventure, you must select your character. The most famous options are the standard multicolored knights that feature in many of the game’s promotional materials.

The difference between them goes beyond their color. They also all have their own set of elemental abilities. You may notice that green is surrounded by clouds of toxins, as their powers are poison-based. This means that all of their magic attacks poison the enemies they hit and deal damage over time.

3/8 Sasha – Infamous

The original InFamous is all about electricity as those are the powers that Cole McGrath uses. However, the protagonist is not the only special being in the game. One of the others is Sasha. This strange woman is capable of producing a poisonous substance known as Black Tar.

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The Tar can be manipulated in several different ways. For example, when he infects others, it allows Sasha to control their minds. So she can make the average person do her bidding. Therefore, it’s fair to say that it’s a very different kind of poison than what you usually see in games.

2/8 Ezio – Assassin’s Creed Series

Like most AC series protagonists, Ezio usually uses his hidden blade or sword to defeat his enemies. These weapons seem to do the job well, but they are not the only ones he uses. As Ezio is one of the best Assassins in the game’s history, he has several other ways to kill people, including poison.

Initially, he wields a poison-tipped blade, which causes people to swing their weapons wildly before succumbing to the toxins and dying. Later, the Assassin gains access to darts and bombs that can poison enemies. They affect people pretty much the same way, but they can be used from a distance.

1/8 Scarecrow – Batman Arkham Series

Throughout the Arkham series, Batman faces all manner of thieves. The scarecrow is the one who causes him a lot of trouble. Indeed, while The Dark Knight can defend against most physical attacks, he struggles with the villain’s toxins.

As always with Scarecrow, his poison gas helps him get into the minds of his opponents. And he forces them to face their greatest fears through hallucinations. When it infects Batman, you can play through the creepy daydreams, and they create some of the most captivating moments in gaming history.

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