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Perch locks in $4m in Series A financing North African super app Yassir lands $150m

A2A payments firm Banked secures $15 million Series A extension

London-based Banked, provider of an account-to-account payment method enabling consumers to avoid the card schemes at checkout and pay from their existing mobile banking app, has raised over over $15 million in a Series A extension round, led by global software investor Insight Partners and supported by Citi and National Australia Bank Ventures.

How To Make a One off Payment in Your AIB app

How to Fill Out Payment Applications (G702) and Change Orders (G701)

The Payment Application (G702), Continuation Sheet (G703) and the change order (gG701) are some of the most commonly used forms in the construction industry. This video discusses the forms and the best practices to use them.

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G702 Application and Certificate of Payment:
G703 Continuation Sheet:
G701 Change Order:

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Visa Everywhere Initiative 2022: Central Europe, Middle East and Africa

Visa’s premier startup competition heads to (CEMEA) Central Europe the middle East and Africa to find the next generation of startups.

VEI is a global open innovation program that tasks startups with discovering the next big thing in payments and commerce. Since 2015, the Visa Everywhere Initiative has reached more than 100 countries and recruited over 7,000 startups. To learn more about the Visa Everywhere Initiative, visit our page at

Spotlight on the situation affecting U.S. and European banks

This week: We analyze the situation that has affected certain banks in the United States and Europe.