Adorable Video Game Characters Who Are Purely Evil


Appearances can always be deceiving, and this is especially true in video games. Some characters can seem positively charming while having a dark side that bothers players to their core. Meanwhile, other characters seem destined to be villains… only to show a wholesome side that no one would have guessed after seeing their grotesque figure.

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This list will look at some of the most lovable video game characters who are, despite what the looks suggest, the very definition of evil itself. These revelations are either genuinely startling or serve as an odd juxtaposition from the get-go, which can almost be unintentional. Either way, the following video game characters have done a great job of hiding their true natures with a cute facade.

8 Flowey — Undertale

Subtitle has a bunch of cute characters that fans will remember long after they complete this magical experience. However, not all of them are good, and in fact, some are downright obnoxious.

Flowey is the perfect mention here, both because he’s lovable and, at first, so unassuming. The idea of ​​a normal cute flower being a major antagonist in the game is quite interesting, and the final boss against him in the neutral route is quite engaging indeed.

seven Wheatley — Portal 2

Wheatley comes across as a rather cute and endearing helper to Chell in Portal 2. But after GLaDOS is toppled from his throne, Wheatley takes over the main controls…only to like the surge he experiences, causing him to turn hostile.

Unlike GLaDOS, Wheatley’s motivations for staying in power are rather selfish. It takes a severe beating and being sent into space for this character to finally be humiliated.

6 Tom Nook – Animal Crossing

Tom Nook seems like a pretty laid-back anthropomorphic character in animal crossing games, much like the rest of the cast. However, his incessant demands for rent and the heavy pressure he puts on a player are quite odious.

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If gamers really think about it, then Tom Nook is scamming them as often as possible. Of course, money is easier to generate in animal crossing after a point, but that does not justify this gluttony!

5 Dahlia Hawthorne – Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer

In the last episode of the original ace lawyer trilogy, justice for all, Dahlia maintained the facade of being an innocent girl for a very long time. However, it wasn’t until the cracks began to appear in her memory of the events that she revealed her true dark side.

Dahlia Hawthorne is an absolutely despicable character who tried to pin gruesome murders on a young and inexperienced Phoenix – and concocted plans for bloody revenge even after being convicted. It took a ton of effort from the game’s top lawyers to finally end his reign of terror.

4 Kefka—Final Fantasy 6

Few would call Kefka adorable, given that his penchant for trouble picks up pretty quickly. However, there was a time when this character was announced where people honestly believed he existed purely for the purpose of comic relief.

It is after his heinous actions that brought the world to ruin that Kefka finally transforms into the greatest threat in Final Fantasy 6. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and his reliance on meaningless chaos and destruction is quite disturbing at times.

3 Boo — Super Mario

At a glance, Boos seems like just another cute enemy that Mario has to face in the various games that this character is featured in. However, there are some things about Boo that are quite disturbing, when people really get into it.

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For starters, the mere fact that the Boos are the remnant of human spirits is quite disturbing. Along with this, Captain Toad indirectly states that Boos actually eats humans in super mario galaxywhich is quite chilling!

2 Monika — Doki Doki Literature Club

To call Monika evil would be a little unfair. The way she learned she was nothing more than a computer program seemed pretty well written, and it’s only due to the futility of her existence that she even thinks of stopping the player in first place.

Almost all the characters in Doki Doki Literature Club seem quite endearing at first glance, before revealing their darker sides as the game slowly descends into madness. Monika’s unhinged nature is displayed more elegantly, but doesn’t stop her from showing a really dark side.

1 Monokuma — Danganronpa

It’s downright amazing that a cute teddy bear like Monokuma is somehow the most obnoxious character of all Danganronpa. The way this character sends student after student to their deaths is cruel and ruthless.

Monokuma wastes no time establishing his evil nature from the moment he is announced. He may look cute, but it’s the literal and figurative dark side of Monokuma that shows what this character is all about – thriving in constant chaos and oppressive despair.

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