Amouranth criticizes gamers for preferring sexual video game characters to autonomous IRL women


Despite the continuing controversy behind Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa’s streams, model OnlyFans became the most-watched female streamer on Twitch in 2021. But this success unfortunately led to a lot of backlash for the sultry content creator, with many gamers even want Amouranth completely off the streaming platform.

Twitch has often been viewed as a place where players can share gameplay and watch gameplay. But in recent years, Twitch has expanded to include almost anything you can think of, including many adult performers using the Just Chatting section of the platform to dance, show off body paint, and show off their dance routines. yoga.

Amouranth has been one of the leaders when it comes to pushing the boundaries of Twitch. She was one of the first streamers to introduce viewers to the “hot tub meta,” where she used an inflatable hot pool as an excuse to show off revealing swimsuits. She then led the “ASMR and Yoga Pants meta,” where she sexy lay on her bed while kissing with her microphone.

Sexual content has clearly worked as Amouranth is the top female streamer of 2021, even beating popular faces like Imane “Pokimane” Anys. But Amouranth has always been shunned by Twitch and gamers. In a recent VICE documentary, Amouranth hit back at the critics.

“It’s ironic that people have a problem with real women embracing their sexuality when in all of the video games that these teens and adults play on Twitch, there are legitimate women who are constantly sexualized,” Amouranth said.

She highlighted the bikini girls in Dead or Alive and the strippers in Grand Theft Auto. Amouranth said gamers were “fine” with both of these things because men can create these characters in video games. But real women who attempt to embrace their sexuality on Twitch face criticism and even hate.

But despite the sexism and harassment, Amouranth said her ASMR streams attract more viewers than her Just Chatting streams.

Still, streaming all day can get exhausting. Amouranth said she currently has the energy to stream all day long, so she wants to take advantage of that before she “doesn’t want to deal with the internet anymore.” Amouranth has already started investing in things outside of the streaming world, including buying a gas station and becoming a founding creator of Playboy’s CENTERFOLD adult content site.

Amouranth has disclosed her earnings in the past and Twitch doesn’t give her as much moolah as OnlyFans and other social media platforms. If Amouranth was to retire from Twitch it wouldn’t be too difficult for her, but she clearly has a passionate fan base who enjoys seeing her content every day. For now, Amouranth is fine streaming for fans despite the drama – but that could certainly change.


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