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About the best video game characters of all time

Games have come a long way in terms of storytelling. Deep and complex stories have been written in these huge simulated universes. However, the best stories are the ones with the best characters. When players experience a story, they tend to remember stories about characters they loved. Of course, this is especially true for the main character. It took a while, but eventually video games invaded our daily lives, first bringing kids to arcades to play their favorite titles, then moving into our homes, then moving into our pockets.

In the decades since the emergence of video games, the world has been blessed with a treasure trove of great characters. There are the characters we hate. There are characters that we love. Those who sow fear in our hearts. You can see a completely different picture of how video games present their most influential characters if you take them out of the equation and instead focus on those who debuted in this century. These characters are a powerful reminder of how gaming in general has changed since Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Check out the list of the best video game characters of all time

Mr bison

The dictator to some, M. Bison is the ultimate personification of evil and the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series, although he only appears in Street Fighter II. Like many villains, M. Bison’s ultimate goal is world domination. He tries to accomplish this through his underground crime syndicate known as Shadaloo. His in-game powers include a famous energy attack in which he spins through the air towards his opponent. He is known for the barely comprehensible “Ooga” that he shouts during the match when kicking.

doctor albert w. cunning

Dr. Wily is Mega Man’s nemesis; however, you probably haven’t heard of him unless you’ve played Mega Man or watched the animated series, where his character really took shape. Dr. Wily is basically a jealous hacker who is angry at the accomplishments of Dr. Light, who created Mega Man Dr. Wily. Much to his anger, he has reprogrammed many robots to become fighters in the last hope of…yes…world domination.

Gordon Freeman

Turn a physicist and investigator into an armed hero and you’ll end up with some awesome weapons. Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of the Half-Life series, wields everything from energy field manipulators to gluon guns. Freeman must battle an alien race known as the Crabs after being one of the survivors of a massive attack. As an investigator, the game points out that he did very little that had any real effect, Freeman is saving the planet one crab at a time.

trevor philips

Philips is a playable character in Grand Theft Auto V and arguably the best known. This is due, in part, to the outstanding performance of Steve Ogg, who used motion-sensing controls to render Philips cutscenes and voice the character. However, while he’s a villain in the game, Philips actually has a heart and cares about certain people in his life. This certainly contributes to his stature among those who play GTA, i.e. he is the main playable character in the online version of the game.

main boss

Master Chief is the iconic super soldier protagonist of the Halo series. It holds a special place in the hearts and minds of those who grew up with the shooter franchise. His motivation and character are often compared to Spiderman and Superman. He’s a protector and he’s as tough as anyone. This love can come from players who allow themselves to be Bosses and speak for them.

mega man

Mega Man the Bionic Hero is a high-jumping bionic hero who fires energy pulses from his arm cannon. It was also on the shelves of video game cartridges back in the day if you were a gaming fan. Mega Man can acquire new abilities and attributes in each version of Mega Man, which has been numerous. Mega Man is a classic character and should be among the ten most famous characters in video games.


Many people mistakenly call Link Zelda. However, Zelda is the name of the princess Link tries to save in the various Legend of Zelda games. Link is the hero of sword and arrow fights in player-controlled games. Link uses legendary swords like Master Sword in the games and uses other legendary artifacts for his quests.

What makes Link so iconic, of course, is the uniqueness of the video game series itself, as well as his status as a classic coming-of-age hero. It’s pure in many ways and has no dialogue, except for a few moans and moans, in games. Yet players love Link, perhaps more than Zelda!

Lara Croft

Along with several films starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, it rose to number two on our list. And it’s not hard to see what made it so popular with video gamers. It’s her… uh… killer boots of course! Seriously, she was one of the first female video game characters to shed some classic stereotypes. She is well educated and can kick ass with the best of them. And the developers have evolved her character over time to move away from the character’s obvious sexiness to highlight those other attributes that make Lara Croft a fan favorite.

Angelina Jolie has played Lara Croft in several films. It quickly rose to the top of our list at number 2. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular with video gamers. She was one of the original female video game characters to break some old stereotypes.

donkey kong

Donkey Kong, one of the earliest video game characters in history, has come a long way since the days of throwing wooden cubes down a series of slopes in “Jumpman.” He is also one of the few video game characters who started off as some kind of villain and became a protagonist in later games.

He won many hearts when he made his 3D debut in Donkey Kong Country and has since become one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters. Donkey Kong was one of the first video game characters to appear. He started by throwing wooden buckets down the slopes of Jumpman. He was a popular character in Donkey Kong Country and has been a beloved Nintendo character ever since.


If a Pokemon becomes the franchise-defining Pokemon, that’s truly something special. Pikachu is the perfect example. Pikachu is so popular because it’s Ash Ketchum’s partner and the anime series’ starter Pokemon. Pikachu is so adorable! Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu in a movie about him.

When an individual Pokémon comes to define the entire franchise, you know it really is something special. And Pikachu just did! Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon in the video games. One of the main reasons for Pokemon’s popularity is that it partners with Ash Ketchum as the starter Pokemon in the anime series. Another likely reason is that Pikachu is so cute! And it doesn’t hurt when you have your own movie about you (Pokémon Detective Pikachu), and you’re voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

Final Words: Best Video Game Characters of All Time

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