Earn Real Money With These 5 Classic Gambling Apps


Not all of us have the time or energy for a side hustle, although we like the idea of ​​a little extra cash. But there is an alternative: competitive gaming apps that offer entertainment as well as the chance to win real money (without the often shady practices of online gambling).

If you like classic games, consider yourself pretty good, and don’t mind competing with other people around the world for the chance to win money, you might want to try each of these apps !

These apps use the Skillz platform, which pits players around the world against each other for real prizes, including cash. Oh, and all of these apps are free to get started, so you don’t have to worry about download costs.

Bingo may not seem like a very competitive game, but this version adds many features of popular mobile games, including a skill element. The game focuses on speed and making the right selections at the right time to win real cash prizes. Luckily, there’s a practice mode so you can learn the rules and get used to the moves on your mobile device. The only downside here is that the game uses Boosts to give players advantages, and you’ll have to learn how to use Boosts to win, which removes an element of luck. But the games are fast, flashy, and easy to pick up for casual gamers, which is a big plus!

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If a game of dominoes (Fives, to be precise) is more in your wheelhouse, this is the app for you. It also has an interesting competitive twist: one of the game modes pits you and another player in the same game against the app’s AI. Whoever does it the best wins the round and can also win cash prizes. But as with most of these games, be careful: you need to deposit real money to participate, and if your games go wrong, you can lose more money than you win. Don’t invest more than you can afford, especially when you’re first learning the game, its difficulty level, and how it works.

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This game is an interesting combination of solitaire and blackjack, where you stack a deck to reach 21 or five stacks of similar cards. It’s also timed, which means you can potentially score bonus points if you complete the game before your time is up. You earn cash prizes by playing head-to-head games with others and seeing which side can score the most points.

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How to make money playing solitaire? With tournaments! It’s not quite like the traditional solitaire you might be familiar with – you get points based on how you play and the moves you make to ultimately complete the game. heads, both players start with the same deck and the player who scores the most points wins. It’s an interesting approach that works quite well with touchscreen controls and earns you a variety of real prizes.

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Pool Payday is one of the fairest gambling games out there – you don’t need to buy any bonuses to continue playing or participating in games, and you can have your winnings transferred directly to PayPal when you want. There is also a practice mode where you can play as much as you want to learn how the game works and master its touch controls. Then, when you’re ready, you can play 1v1 with friends or jump into an online tournament to test your skills for real money.

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Note that cash tournaments are heavily regulated in some regions – so you won’t be able to play for real money some States including Arizona, Louisiana, Tennessee, Connecticut and others. Enjoy!

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