Elden Ring Fan Creates Family Tree For Game Characters


An Elden Ring player builds a complete family tree that clearly defines the family relationships of Elden Ring characters.

As with many of FromSoftware’s dark fantasy RPGs, most of what could be considered the story of Ring of Elden, occurs before the game even begins. The tradition of Ring of Elden is an intricate web of demigods and their children, and it would be easy for a player to complete Ring of Elden without ever understanding the game’s story. The player must use dialogue, item descriptions, and context clues if they wish to understand the relationships between these characters.


However, the game also encourages players to share information, as seen with Ring of Eldenin-game message sharing mechanism to help or prank other players. Ring of EldenThe gaming community has countless members dedicated to compiling and uncovering the game’s deep knowledge, and one of the most important aspects of that is the relationships between all the major demigod characters.

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The demigods in Ring of Elden are major characters in the game’s story, many of them making up the game’s main boss battles. But it will come as a surprise to many new players to learn that most of these main characters are siblings by Alliance. This confusing element of these character relationships is clearly broken down in a new family tree created by Reddit user Tolnin. The Reddit user’s image shows both the parenting relationships confirmed in Ring of Eldenas well as highly plausible character connections theorized by fans, such as Melina being a daughter of Marika.

Something that Tolnin’s family tree image helps to illustrate is why so many Ring of EldenThe demigod characters of have similar names. During the game Ring of Elden and when trying to understand the story of the game, this detail can be the cause of a lot of confusion as players can naturally confuse character descriptions like Godwin and Godfrey in their head. A clear family tree like Tolnin’s helps players more clearly define these different characters with similar names.

Characters born to Radagon and Rennala all have names beginning with R, while many of Markia’s children have names beginning with M. Marika also had a child with Godfrey named Godwin. It didn’t take long for fans to realize that these naming conventions are the initials of George RR Martin, who wrote much of the backstory of Ring of Eldenand who many fans believe may have slipped his initials into these Ring of Elden character names like an easter egg.

George R.R. Martin has previously stated that he writes repetitive naming conventions in fictional family lines, as many real medieval family trees contain similar repetitive names. But Martin denied deliberately hiding his initials on behalf of Ring of Eldencharacters.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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