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Fintor raises funds and launches investing into real estate app

Fintor, which powers investing into real estate, has launched its mobile-first platform, alongside the close of a $6.2m investment.

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What is Fintor?

From coming up with a large down payment to navigating the complex escrow process, purchasing a home can be a huge undertaking. That’s why we created Fintor. An app that allows users to be able to invest in fractional shares of real estate for as little as $50.

Be sure to check out the app to learn more of how you can jump start your real estate portfolio.

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5 REITs That Will Cut Their Dividend

I expect these 5 REITs to cut their dividend in 2023. Easterly Government Properties (DEA), Office Properties Income Trust (OPI), The Necessity Retail REIT (RTL) Global Net Lease (GNL), and One Liberty Properties (OLP) have problems that could lead to a dividend cut. I explain why and highlight some other opportunities. You can access my entire REIT Portfolio by taking a 2-week free trial to my REIT newsletter, High Yield Landlord:

OPI, DEA, and GNL own a lot of single-tenant office properties. I suspect that their tenants will ask for significant tenant improvements as leases expire, forcing these REITs to cut their dividends. Their payout ratios are too high.

RTL is poorly managed, suffers conflicts of interest, has too much debt, and its dividend payout ratio is too high. In a way, it is the polar opposite of Realty Income (O).

OLP owns a lot of furniture and office supply stores that are facing some difficulties and it has a lot of leases expiring in the coming years. It will have to heavily reinvest in its properties and the need for capex could lead to a dividend cut.

In a previous video, I also highlighted Tanger Factory Outlets (SKT) and Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) as other REITs that are at high risk of cutting their dividend. These are not the best REITs for 2023.

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Image sources: NAREIT, YCHARTS, EPRA, DEA, OPI, GNL, RTL, OLP, Canva

Important Disclaimer: Leonberg Capital does not hold positions in the 5 REITs discussed in this article. This video is impersonal and does not provide individualized advice or recommendations for any specific person. Viewers/readers should not make any investment decision without conducting their own due diligence and consulting their financial advisor about their specific situation. This video is for entertainment purposes only and you are responsible for your own investment decisions. The information is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The opinions expressed are those of the publisher and are subject to change without notice. This YouTube channel is managed by Leonberg Research OÜ, a subsidiary of Leonberg Capital OÜ.

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