Five Avengers Game Characters Who Should Be Added Next


The Marvel’s Avengers the game has an impressive roster of characters. The base game includes iconic Avengers like Captain America and Iron Man. Marvel’s Avengers also added DLC characters such as Hawkeyes and Black Panther. It’s been a year since the game came out and Marvel’s Avengers Plans to add content throughout 2021.

They recently released a roadmap of what’s to come. Among the upcoming content is the inclusion of Spider-Man for PlayStation owners. It remains to be seen if any other DLC characters join the team. However, if there are more slots, there are plenty of Avengers left to fill them. They can choose Avengers from the movies or the comics. Here are the five DLC characters they should add alongside Marvel’s Avengers.

5) Black Bolt – Least Likely Character

Black Bolt already has a connection to the game. The Inhumans play a big role in the game, and he is the king of the Inhumans. Black Bolt could easily be part of the avengers game characters. The city of Attilan could also be added to the game, just like Wakanda was. Alongside Black Bolt, other Inhumans can join the story. Interesting characters such as his wife, Medusa, his brother, Maximus, and his dog, Lockjaw.

However, the reason he’s least likely to make it into the game is that he’s technically not an Avenger. Although Black Bolt is often associated with the team and is part of large events, he is not officially part of the team. The slim reason he could make the list is because of the important role the Inhumans play in the game’s story. They could easily form a connection to allow Black Bolt into the game.

With his cool powers, Black Bolt might be the most fun character in the game. His most important ability is his loud voice. According to Marvel, his voice can be as powerful as a nuclear weapon. We probably won’t see that level of power in the game, but it could still be both fun and powerful.

4) Vision


The Vision has grown in popularity since its inclusion in the MCU. First appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Vision has appeared in numerous projects. With the character becoming more mainstream, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him in the game. With the exception of Ms. Marvel, all of the avengers the characters in the game have been in the MCU.

In the comics, he was created by the evil robot Ultron to defeat the Avengers. The Vision decides to go against its creator and joins the team instead. Since then, he has become a superhero who has saved the day time and time again. Hank Pym, who is the creator of Ultron, is already in the game. So there’s already a connection there that they can develop.

the cover of the visions comic

If they include The Vision, that could easily lead to other additions as well. Characters such as Viv Vision could be included. Villains like Grim Reaper and Ultron himself could join the game as bosses. The game has a lot of heroes but it could always use more villains to fight against.

Not only could he provide an interesting story, but The Vision could be a fun character. Being an android, he has an array of superpowers. He can fire beams from his forehead. Besides that, he can transform his android body. This means that he can make himself extremely heavy or light as a feather. One of his signature powers is the ability to turn himself intangible. With all of these abilities at his disposal, The Vision could be a fun DLC character to add to Marvel’s Avengers.

3) Namur

BD Namor

Another king on the list, Namor is the ruler of Atlantis. Also known as the Sub-Mariner, Namor is an anti-hero. His priority is to protect his kingdom, even if it puts him in the face of other heroes. He is allied with the Avengers and other heroes as much as he has been against them. Although Namor is initially loyal to Atlantis, he has previously been a member of various teams. He wouldn’t be out of place as a character for Marvel’s Avengers next DLC.

With the inclusion of Namor could also come the addition of Atlantis. While it might be difficult to fight underwater, it could still make for a cool outpost. One way they could include Namor is to have AIM threaten Atlanta. Thus, giving him a reason to team up with the others avengers game characters.

Being from Atlantis, Namor has the ability to breathe underwater. It is also fast and powerful. At his disposal is an arsenal of different weapons. Most notably, his trident. Namor and all of his abilities could be a great addition to the game.

2) Doctor Strange

strange doctor

Whether Marvel’s Avengers wants to take it to the next level, so Doctor Strange is an ideal next addition. He’s the Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Universe for screaming out loud. With his mystical powers, Doctor Strange is the most unique Avenger. His abilities and attacks could be several different magic spells.

Stephen Strange is an established member of the Avengers and a powerful superhero in his own right. According to Marvel, he was also part of the Defenders and the Illuminati. Most notably, it’s part of the MCU. Doctor Strange is a popular character and would be a welcome addition.

Marvel’s Avengers DLC always comes with a story expansion. Since Doctor Strange is a mystical hero, he could bring many other characters and magical creatures. Of course, if they add Doctor Strange, they have to add his friend and partner Wong. Not to mention the villains they can add as well. Interdimensional characters such as Dormammu and Nightmare can spawn as bosses. Of all the characters in the Avengers game, Doctor Strange has the most potential to elevate the title to new heights.

1) Captain Marvel – Most Likely Character

Captain Marvel

It’s only a matter of time before Captain Marvel joins the roster. There have been many references to the character already in the game. Ms. Marvel, the main protagonist of the game, is a big fan of Captain Marvel. Such a huge fan in fact, that his superhero name is based on Captain Marvel. With this connection, it wouldn’t be difficult to add it to the game.

Another connection to her comes from the Kree. This alien race invades Earth in the future. Captain Marvel and the Kree have a history together, and it can be seamlessly added to the story. With all of these connections, Captain Marvel will soon be in the game. A strong character, Captain Marvel can be an incredible Avenger to embody. She has the ability to fly, has super strength, and also has the power to fire energy blasts. She would be perfect for the game.

While it remains to be seen if they’ll add more characters after Spider-Man, those additions could be cool. In the meantime, check out stories like Disney Will Release EternalsAmong Other Films, Theatrically Exclusive, Tales of Arise: Where to find the Astral Crystal Grain, and Tales of Arise: How to travel fast.


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