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With more than 2.5 billion active devices today and nearly 86% of the market share, Android has established itself as the most widely used operating system in the mobile world. And on Google Play, video games are undeniably at the top of the list of the most popular apps. So, with such a large number of games, it is not always easy to find the best games that are worth playing.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Developed by The Creative Assembly, the Total War series has since become one of the pillars of the strategy game. Extremely comprehensive, this series pleasantly mixes real-time play with strategy and management to provide the most enjoyable experience. With the Total War Battles series, the studio has created a simplified version of its game, much more suited to the nomadic format.

Gone are Antiquity (the usual backdrop for main series games), we find ourselves here in medieval England, with the ultimate task of unifying the kingdom in order to reign supreme. In this game, you will manage a city, which will unlock a whole bunch of bonuses and upgrades, and of course, real-time combat. Apart from the rather inconvenient interface, Total War Battles: Kingdom is a good little strategy game that you can enjoy with your friend.

Rayman’s adventures

The design of the Rayman Adventures game is very pleasing to the eye thanks to the performance of the Ubi Frame Art. The gameplay is perfectly suited to mobile support thanks to responsive and very well thought-out touch controls. Although it offers very few free-to-play elements, it’s hard to deny the general charm of Rayman Adventures, which certainly deserves its place on the smartphone of any Android game lover in general, and Rayman in general. particular.

Fallout shelter

How to adapt a game like “Fallout” to mobile, when its ergonomics are not exactly in line with touch screens? By taking only the world of the game to create a totally different game. This is how Fallout Shelter was born, a fun resource management game based on the codes of the eponymous saga. The player must develop an atomic shelter that brings together the survivors, optimizing the production of various resources, population and capacities of the shelter. Addictive, Fallout Shelter is also demanding since it continues to run in the absence of the player.

Legends of the Shadow

Shadowgun Legends is one of the best sci-fi shooter video games. In this game, your main objectives will be to complete missions and help other shadowgun companions. You can also participate in arenas where you team up with other ghost guns and take down wave after wave of enemies. After eliminating all the waves, you get high prices. The game also includes tons of customization options and very powerful weapons. The game is completely free, there are in-app purchases, but you can complete the game without spending real money.

Special Mention: Games for a lot of manufacturing

These games are getting more and more popular every year. We are talking about games where you compete against another player or a team of players to win real money. Games such as baccarat are offered by online casinos, most of which have downloadable applications.



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