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As early as the 18th century, suits and tuxedos were a sign of luxury, class and impeccable style. No unnecessary frills or accents, just pure color painting its wearer in striking and elegant silhouettes. Anyone can wear a suit, and just about anyone can look good in a suit – at least with the help of a good tailor.

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But the real sign of costume-based style is when you can rock one in a stressful situation. Whether you’re in the middle of a high-tension argument or engaged in a straight fight, if you can wear a suit and keep it in good condition all the time, you’re sending those around you a very special message: “I” I’ve had style for days, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.” Characters sending this message aren’t the type to mess with.


ten Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney Series

It has been said that you can judge the quality of a lawyer by the cost of their trial. Considering the size of Phoenix Wright’s office in the Ace Attorney games, it’s a safe bet he didn’t have much money to spend on designer suits even before his temporary disbandment.

If his blue suit and bright red tie are fakes, you’ll never know. From the very first time he wore it, Wright has always cut a heroic figure in this suit, with the deep blue color punctuating his dramatic dots and screams perfectly. It’s probably one of his only costumes, so he has to take great care of it.

9 Valkenhayn R. Hellsing – BlazBlue Series

In the BlazBlue series, Valkenhayn is the butler and devoted advisor to the Alucard family. He serves his current leader, Rachel Alucard, with all the nobility and wisdom befitting his position. Valkenhayn always dresses impeccably in a dark, aquamarine suit with gold trim, punctuated with a large ribbon bow tie.

Despite his advanced age, his style never slips, which is doubly impressive when he finds himself in trouble. Not only does his surprisingly heavy and brutal fighting style not damage his costume at all, but when he transforms into a lycanthropic wolf form, he still keeps his hair exquisitely styled. Or rather fur.

8 Garcian Smith – Killer7

While a handful of Killer7 members wear costumes, Garcian’s costume has a little more flair. It is pure white from top to bottom, paired with a striking bright yellow tie. It’s a little ostentatious for an assassin, but fitting for his role as the Syndicate’s second-in-command.

What’s really impressive about this costume, however, is the fact that it’s almost always flawless. Garcian’s secondary role, after all, is the Syndicate’s cleaner, removing evidence of their murders and recovering the half-dead heads of his comrades when they are killed. Despite how well he handles human gore, not even a drop of it comes close to this bright white suit.

seven Henry Cooldown – No More Heroes Series

Even when he first appeared in the first No More Heroes game, Henry Cooldown had his style down to a science. With a long weathered gray coat covering a chic gray suit, complete with waistcoat and tie, Henry presented the image of a nobleman, wielding his Cross Sword beam katana with knightly grace.

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Even in No More Heroes 3, when Henry’s personality underwent a sudden and violent change (with him inexplicably losing his accent), he still didn’t let go of that style. Although they may have clashed somewhat with his odd glasses and slicked back hair, he always kept that coat and suit in immaculate condition.

6 Joker – Persona 5

At several points in Persona 5’s story, Morgana explains that the outfits worn by the Phantom Thieves in the Metaverse are based on their personal images of a rebel. Ann’s is reminiscent of a mean woman she once saw on TV, Ryuji looks like an old school punk biker, etc.

So it’s fitting, as the founder of the Phantom Thieves, that Joker is dressed in a crisp black suit, complete with a waistcoat, long coat, and even a pocket scarf for that extra dose of pizzazz. Since the beginnings of the concept of gentleman thieves, popularized by Raffles and Arsène Lupin, the rule has been that they dress impeccably. Joker has this rule.

5 Steven Stone – Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Each Pokemon League champion has their own distinctive style. Some, like Blue and Alder, keep it comfy and casual, while others, like Iris and Leon, opt for more ostentatious looks. Of all the champions, however, the one who has struck a perfect balance between these two styles is the inimitable Hoenn region champion, Steven Stone.

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Every aspect of his costume is subtle, yet absolutely unmistakable Steven Stone. From the wavy pattern on his jacket to his big, flowing tie, from his metal-rimmed cuffs to the small but poignant sight of his Mega Stone pin, Steven Stone is a man with more style than he knows what to do with.

4 Urien – Street Fighter Series

Considering how often he runs around in his underwear, sending Aegis reflectors flying at people, it’s easy to forget that Street Fighter’s Urien is the president of a secret society bent on taking over the world. Back in Street Fighter 3, he would show up in costume at the start of a fight, but quickly rip it off in favor of the aforementioned underwear.

Luckily, in Street Fighter 5, while there was still some occasional clothing shredding, he started fighting properly dressed, and what set of clothes they were. Urien’s usual costume is gray and white striped, with a brown undershirt underneath. Naturally, the front is open to show off his fantastic pecs.

3 The Spy – Team Fortress 2

It’s one thing to walk around in a costume when there’s a hint of danger in the air, or in a one-on-one brawl. It’s another matter to wear one in the middle of an active battlefield. Of course, if the Team Fortress 2 spy wasn’t good enough at his job to wear this costume with confidence, he’d probably be long dead.

From his blue (or red) pinstripe suit to his white undershirt and softly colored tie, the Spy wouldn’t look out of place on a busy city street. It’s only through his balaclava and butterfly knife that the Spy can be identified, usually right before he sticks said knife into the soft part of your back.

2 Goro Majima – Yakuza Series

While most Yakuza series thugs wear costumes, Majima is actually a rare exception. Rather than a regular suit and tie, he usually walks around in a snakeskin coat with the front wide open. Not quite appropriate for polite company. So why is he on this list? One word: dichotomy. Thanks to his stint as Sotenbori’s “Lord of the Night” in the 80s, Majima cleans up fantastically.

During his time as the legendary director of the Cabaret Grand, he was always dressed in a perfectly groomed black suit, white shirt and bow tie. Even in the present, like when called upon to judge the Cabaret Grand Prix in Yakuza Kiwami 2, he can still pull off that same perfect look.

1 Mario – Super Mario Odyssey

As Nintendo’s mascot, Mario is no stranger to black tie events. Even as early as Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, he wore black showman suits, complete with a sleek black top hat. This costume, along with others like the red ones worn by Pauline’s band, made a return in Super Mario Odyssey. However, of all the outfits Mario wore in this game, few were as striking as the shiny white suit Mario wore to the moon to confront Bowser.

The entire outfit, from the shoes to the gloves to the top hat (thanks to Cappy) is pristine, shiny white, punctuated only by the accents of Mario’s red bow tie and black mustache. To think that a lowly plumber could have such excellent style.

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