Game characters who sadly passed away in 2020


One of Persona 5 RoyalThe selling points were the promise of his new teammate Kasumi Yoshizawa. Much of the game’s marketing material featured her front and center, but it turns out players have been sold on a lie – sort of. It is complicated.

At some point in the game, players discover Kasumi’s dark secret: she is actually the twin sister of the real Kasumi, Sumire Yoshizawa. Prior to the events of the game, the real Kasumi saved Sumire from an oncoming car at the cost of her own life. Overwhelmed with grief, Sumire visited a psychiatrist. Normally the psychiatrist would help him out of the tragedy, but the Character franchise filed a restraining order against normal a long time ago.

Luckily, Sumire’s psychiatrist had a Persona that could alter people’s cognition, literally allowing them to see the past through rose-tinted glasses and thus perceive a different, “happier” present reality. However, this power has strange effects on some people, and in Sumire’s case, it made her think she was Kasumi.

While players never encounter the real Kasumi, Sumire’s forced illusion kept what was left of Kasumi alive. When the truth bomb warps the plot, the last vestiges of Kasumi finally die.


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