Gaming apps available on Google fell 33% in Q1 2022


Google is a world famous technology company for its Google search engine. Also, its Google Play Store supports a range of apps and is one of its most profitable products. In recent years, Google play apps have been among the favorite apps available in the Google Play Store. Yet current data from shows that gaming apps available on Google Play declined by 32.96% in the first quarter of 2022.

In the first quarter of 2022, the Google Play Store had around 449,000 mobile game apps for users. In contrast, it had 670,447 apps in Q4 2021, a decrease of more than 220,000 apps. In November 2021, Google began filtering apps and games, removing those that didn’t target an API level within two years of the most recent Android release.

Commenting on the data, Jonathan Merry of said:

The best games in the world

Garena Free Fire has finished first in consecutive quarters. This continued a trend of successful Battle Royale video games. The most downloaded game globally during the third quarter of 2021 was PUBG Mobile, which ranked sixth in the previous quarter.

In Q1 2022, four of the top five apps in Q4 2021 rankings retained the top spot. They include Candy Crush Saga, Garena Free Fire, Subway Surfers, and Roblox. Merge Main, a hypercasual game developed and published by Homa Games, was the only new addition to the top five.

In March 2022, the global app games market generated an estimated revenue of $7 billion. Most of it came from player spending on the App Store and Google Play. The United States was the top revenue market in March 2022, generating $1.9 billion in total player spend worldwide.

Projection of mobile games in the United States in 2022

In 2022, the North American mobile games content industry could reach 29.1 billion USD.

Established creators are creeping into the mobile spot via mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, some exploit their pre-existing resources to venture into space. They include major mobile game publishers in North America, such as Niantic, Inc., Jam City, Scopely, and Lion Studios.

Niantic Inc. is the publisher of global AR game blockbuster Pokémon GO. In-game sales for the game, which was first released in 2016, totaled over $916 million in 2020. Roblox is another popular gaming platform. It often ranks among the most downloaded mobile game application titles.

Zynga, a provider of casual games, has moved from online browser games to mobile games. The company claims that its mobile games have over 200 million monthly active users. The acquisition of the Turkish mobile studio Rollic at the end of 2020 improved the figures.


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