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A new report published Today by App Annie takes a look at how Gen Z consumers interact with their smartphones and mobile apps. According to data collected in Q3 2020, Gen Z users spend an average of over 4.1 hours per month in top non-gaming apps – 10% more than older demographics. They also interact with apps more often, with 20% more sessions per user in non-gaming apps, at 120 sessions per month per app, compared to older groups.

This app engagement data is just a view of Gen Z trends, but is an incomplete analysis as it only focuses on certain markets including US, UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Turkey. It also only included data collected from Android devices, which doesn’t provide such a complete picture.

App Annie has found that Gen Z are more likely to use games than older users, but they don’t access them as often or don’t use them for as long. People aged 25 and over actually spent almost 20% more time in their most used games and accessed them 10% more frequently. Both demographics spent more time gaming than using non-gaming apps, on a monthly basis.

Image credits: App Annie; data focuses on top 25 non-gaming apps by MAU, excluding preinstalled apps, on Android in select markets

A breakthrough in the games category for Gen Z users, however, has been the casual arcade game Among Us !, which has just become the third most played game in the world, thanks to its team-based multiplayer features and the rise of Twitch streams. When Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played the game on Twitch last night, it became one of the biggest Twitch streams of all time, culminating to 435,000 simultaneous viewers.

Other popular Gen Z games include Match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga and Toon Blast, action games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, and casual simulation games like Minecraft Pocket Edition and Roblox.

Image credits: App Annie

The report also looked at which apps Gen Z users prefer in a range of non-gaming categories on iOS and Android.

TikTok and Snapchat, in particular, stood out as the top over-indexed social and communications apps among Gen Z in nine of the 10 markets analyzed for this report. This follows Snap’s profit explosion yesterday, where the social app exceeded analysts’ expectations and saw daily user growth soar 4% to 238 million.

Discord is also experiencing strong growth, especially in France, as mobile and remote games have become an epicenter of social interactions during the pandemic.

Image credits: App Annie

Among entertainment apps, Twitch was the first app over-indexed in six of 10 markets for Gen Z users, although niconico’s live streaming is popular in Japan.

App Annie found that finance and shopping apps have yet to reach a large Gen Z audience, but are showing promising growth.

Image credits: App Annie

Few financial apps overindex with Gen Z, although demographics tend to interact with non-bank fintech apps like Venmo, Monzo, and DANA. In South Korea, the peer-to-peer payment app Toss, which also offers loans, insurance, and credits, is one of the best apps.

The best Gen Z fashion apps, meanwhile, included Shein, ASOS, Shopee, and Mercari.

Overall, active Gen Z users are growing faster in the analyzed markets, compared to older groups, with emerging markets like Indonesia and Brazil experiencing the most growth.

Image credits: App Annie

App Annie noted that Gen Z is emerging as one of the most powerful consumer segments on mobile, as 98% own a smartphone and have an estimated combined purchasing power of $ 143 billion per year.

“Generation Z has never known a world without their smartphone. They see the world through this first mobile lens, ”said Ted Krantz, CEO of App Annie, in a statement on the report’s findings.


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