Get inked? These game characters are the most popular among tattoo fans


Players spend hundreds (or thousands) of hours with characters on PC and consoles. But some turn that dedication into a lifetime commitment with a tattoo. How much? Protect Your Bubble did some research on Instagram to compile a list of the most popular gaming tattoos on the social network.

The “Catch ‘Em All!” The mentality is ubiquitous among Pokemon enthusiasts and puts the franchise at the top of the list, with 250,457 tattoo posts. The adorable Electric Mouse Pikachu leads the pack (26,059 posts), followed by Bulbasaur and Gengar (around 6,300 posts each).

Pikachu tattoo (Photo by Martin Bernetti/AFP via Getty Images)

However, the most popular does not mean the most important. One of the world’s biggest pop stars, Ariana Grande, is a huge Eevee fan, and after playing Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee for endless hours on her Nintendo Switch, she made her love permanent with a bushy glowing eyes tattoo. Eevee followed on his arm.

The Legend of Zelda has far fewer characters than Pokémon, but it still comes second on the list with 75,776 posts. Most fans prefer the character Link as a tattoo, with 8,897 posts. Its companion Navi is the second most popular choice, perhaps due to its simple shape. Striking Twilight Realm resident Midna is third.

Super Mario has some of the game’s most recognizable characters and 34,415 Instagram posts to show off. Mario (21,947), Toad (8,512), and Yoshi (4,112) top the list. But some fans opt for something more specialized: Justin Bieber, for example, got a Boo tattoo on the back of his right arm.

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The next game franchise on the list is not a best-selling game, although it does have a Netflix show: The Witcher has a lot of fans who want to keep the game with them at all times and 12,511 messages to show for that. This is followed by Final Fantasy (11,990), Kingdom Hearts (11,374), God of War (8,466), The Elder Scrolls (7,474), BioShock (6,502) and Fallout (6,367).

infographic with list of video game franchises and number of instagram tattoo posts

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