“GTA or real life”: men imitate video game characters on the street and it is difficult to tell them apart


If you were a fan of video games in your childhood or if you still play them, you must be familiar with the GTA series. Grand Theft Auto is a series of action-adventure games that allow players to complete various missions. The protagonist of the series, who is called Carl Johnson or CJ, is a popular character recognized by gamers around the world. CJ’s white vest and low rise jeans are well known.

A video shows how some people have recreated the game in real life and their antics are fun to watch. If the shadow of a camera was not visible for a short portion of the video, it would have been difficult to distinguish it from the game.

The clip starts with a man with dreadlocks wearing a white vest walking down the road like a character in the game. game for the first time. Two men standing in the street look equally distraught and play their roles perfectly. As the man descends the stairs, he jumps between the two like a user does when trying to figure out the game controls.

Popular Twitter account Pubity posted the video on Tuesday with the caption “These guys really did GTA in real life.”

Watch the video below:

The video has received over 2.8 million views so far and netizens have appreciated their efforts.
“GTA is life! And it’s fire! commented one Twitter user. “He does the moves so well my brain is starting to convince me that these were real video game graphics,” said another. A third wrote: ‘Watched it 4 times and still thought it had to be even though I know it isn’t. Extremely well done.

One person commented that the shadow of someone recording was visible.

“It’s beyond creative and awesome. I love seeing talented people doing beyond amazing things,” another user said.


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