Hackers use “The Crying Game” applications to install the “Joker” virus on your smartphone and empty your bank accounts


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Taking advantage of the popularity of “The game of tears” , hackers managed to place in the official Google play store many false applications inspired by Korean series from Netflix. These applications serve as a vehicle for cybercriminals to install the “Joker” virus to Android smartphones , famous for emptying users’ bank accounts without them noticing.

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Despite the fact that “The game of tears” is already officially most watched Netflix series of all time , it has no official game or app . However, until October 19, more than 200 applications related to Korean production were recorded, as reported on Twitter by Lukas Stefanko , malware analysis specialist for the IT security company ESET .

“Over 200 #SquidGame related apps are available on Google Play. It seems like a great opportunity to make money with ads embedded in one of the most popular TV shows without an official game. “of them hit 1 million installs in 10 days. They didn’t handle their game very well,” Stefanko wrote on his Twitter account.

According to the threat expert, one of these apps was posing as a collection of the show’s wallpapers, but in reality it contained the dangerous “Joker” malware.

Hackers even usurped the name of a company specializing in creating wallpapers for mobile series and movies. So, users fell into the trap and downloaded it, believing it to be a verified app.

Although the malicious application inspired by “The game of tears” has already been identified and removed from the Google play store , users can still download it through unofficial channels.

How the ‘Joker’ virus that steals money from your bank accounts works

The malware known as ‘Joker’ was the terror of Android users since 2017. Its operation is as simple as it is creative and dangerous.

It’s a Trojan horse virus who belongs to a family of malware known as Bread , whose objective is to hack cell phone bills and authorize operations without the consent or knowledge of the user .

Once installed on the victim’s smartphone, ‘Joker’ can access SMS , Contacts , and other information. However, the worst thing about this virus is that it modifies telephone billing services to make expenses , authorize monetary transactions and subscribe to payment services (almost always Premium or the more expensive version), unbeknownst to the owner.

The victim usually becomes aware of the fraud when it is too late, noticing that someone has “processed” their bank accounts until they are empty.

Since ‘Joker’ malware has been registered, the Google play store defense systems have eliminated more than 1,700 applications that contained it, before they are downloaded by users.

In September 2020, the “Joker” virus was found in 24 Android apps who recorded more than 500 thousand downloads before being withdrawn. It is estimated that at this time affected more than 30 countries including the United States, Brazil and Spain. Through unauthorized subscriptions, hackers could fly up to $ 7 (around 140 Mexican pesos) per weekly subscription, a figure that has most likely increased over the past year.


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