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The Verkhovna Rada missed its last opportunity to vote on the fiscal framework required to complete the pending technical provisions of Ukraine’s gambling law.

Closing its hearings on Friday, December 17, the Rada did not vote on Bill 2713 – a proposal supported by Ukraine’s finance committee that finalizes the fiscal framework of the law on gambling.

The vote on Bill 2713 was due to take place in the November sittings, however, debates were postponed to a December date – frustrating gambling stakeholders in Ukraine who saw no precedent in the matter.

The majority-backed proposal sets a 10% flat tax rate for the industry to be applied to all regulated gaming verticals, while further eliminating previously approved “triple-lock license fees” that would have been enacted. by law on games.

The mandate of the law on gambling was approved in August 2020, ending the ban on gambling in Ukraine for a decade. Although approved, the Gambling Law lacked outstanding technical and tax requirements that required separate assessment and voting by the Rada.

Since granting federal approval for the gambling law, the Rada has missed several deadlines to pass Bill 2713 as its assembly has chosen to consider all gambling tax proposals despite the backing. of the 2713 of the Finance, Customs and Tax Committee of Ukraine.

Watching the developments, igaming consultancy CIS 4H Agency, said hearings on Bill 2713 had been postponed once again as Rada faced a year-end hearing block as the government grapples with major issues – COVID-19 Omicron resources and Russian military tensions.

“We are constantly monitoring the situation with everything related to the regulation of gambling in Ukraine and today we expected it to finally turn into something more meaningful than another delay,” said said Ilya Machavariani, senior partner at 4H Agency.

“Unfortunately, Parliament ran out of time to hear Bill 2713 today. We’ll see if that finally gets to the vote in two weeks. For the moment, the outlook is rather bleak.


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