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Online gaming has become much more than we once thought about gambling

Online games have become so much more than we used to think of games. The old stereotype of someone sitting alone in front of a large desk is gone; gambling is incredibly common these days, with people from all over areas of life enjoying games on their mobile devices, consoles, laptops and computers. They also include their own ways of really spending money – this has led to an incredible boom in the gaming market with more people than ever trying to participate in the action and the revenue.

But what is the current gaming situation? And how much money is spent on online games?

Gender diversity

Online games can be played alone, in multiplayer mode with friends and strangers, or in co-op

The more mainstream the game has become, the more diverse the selection is. Game companies now have to appeal to a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds. They need to be able to get as many audiences as possible to jump into the game and keep playing. Online games can be played alone, in multiplayer mode with friends and strangers, or in co-op. The most popular game genres are as follows.

Sports games

Online sports games have been popular for ages and attract, you guessed it, sports fans. Many different types of sports have been turned into video games, including team sports like soccer and hockey, track and field, extreme sports like skiing, skateboarding and running, and combat sports. In some games, your job is to play sports (think of the Madden NFL series) while in other games strategy and sports management are the focus – as in Football manager.

Some of the most popular sports game franchises reflect the annual changes in the real world for teams, coaches and players.


Another very popular online game genre is role-playing video games (also known as RPGs). In this game, a player controls the actions of a character while being immersed in a world. The story and the settings are very important to these games, just like the characters. Many RPGs involve explorations of the world as well as quests – tasks that must be completed to complete a game’s story. Items and inventory, actions and abilities, experience and levels are all important for this type of game.

Casino games and poker

Another popular (and played) type of online game is casino and poker. Many people who once played these types of games in land-based casinos now enjoy playing online versions from the comfort of their own homes. The new generation is able to play 7-card stud online via their smartphones and tablets, causing spectacular growth in the industry. The online gaming industry for casino games is huge in terms of revenue – with many countries where it is legal to benefit from casino taxes.

Money and time spent playing

Gaming sessions can last up to two hours each evening, usually between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

More and more people are now investing in games and spending money, either on the games themselves or on add-ons and accessories that enhance the gaming experience. A study that surveyed 1,000 gamers in 2020 revealed that gamers spend up to three years of their adulthood playing online games. This is equivalent to 5% of the average lifespan of an adult. Gaming sessions can last up to two hours each evening, usually between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The study also found that online gamers will see around £ 252.77 spent on their games, including microtransactions, downloads as well as accessories. In terms of average lifespan, that adds up to £ 15,924. However, that figure could be much higher if consoles and solo versions were included. These are important numbers for game makers and anyone looking to get started in gaming, because they show how much revenue can be generated by the industry – and how much it has grown over the past twenty plus years. Many people use online payment methods like Paypal to purchase their games, as well as to subscribe to game subscription services.

But not all gaming experiences have to be expensive.

There are many casual games that do not require money to be spent on them. If you are looking beyond free-to-play games, other games such as FIFA, World of Warcraft, and The Sims series usually only require one payment: the purchase of the game. Of course, most of these games have extensions available for purchase and special expansion packs to improve the gaming experience of players. You don’t have to spend more money after purchasing these games, but in order to prolong the enjoyment of the game, it often becomes the default choice for gamers.

Whether you want to invest a lot of money or time in the game, or just want to casually enjoy it, there is an option and genre that is right for you. Game companies will certainly continue to produce a range of games to reflect all interests and levels of gaming experience, and it is likely that they will continue to tailor payouts and include expansion packs for encourage more people to spend as part of their gaming experience. While no one can predict exactly how the industry will change over the next several years, it is likely that gaming will continue to be popular and in a growing market. constant expansion.



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