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Perch locks in $4m in Series A financing North African super app Yassir lands $150m

Landis secures Series B on mission to make more homeowners

Landis, which is helping renters to become homeowners, has closed its Series B funding round on $40m, which was led by GV.

Oklahoma Homeowner Assistance Fund

With COVID-19 concerns, homeowners are often finding it difficult to keep up with mortgage payments. The Oklahoma Homeowner Assistance Fund can help you with the resources you need to protect your home.

HOME Act (Bill 16-23) En Español

00:00 Saludo de la Concejal Mink
00:19 Español comienza
01:32 Exenciones (Exemptions)
03:54 Cálculo del Tope de Alquiler (Rent Cap Calculation)
07:38 Retorno Justo (Fair Return Petition)
13:29 Impuesto de Vacantes (Vacancy Tax)

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How Landis helped Tammy achieve her dream of becoming a homeowner

Hear about how Tammy and her daughter Tiana from Charlotte, NC, are becoming homeowners with Landis! Learn more about Landis on

Landis allows customers to select their dream home, rent it and purchase it anytime in the first 12 months. We also offer tools and incentives to our customers to improve their credit score and build up their down payment.

From our offices in New York City, the Landis team is proud to use the latest technologies to improve our customers’ financial profiles and pursue our social mission of allowing everyone to own their home.

Landis Presentation

Hosted by Kris Bennett with Landis