List of Crimesight game characters: here are all the details


For thriller fans, the Clue board game (brought to India by Funskool) was a popular hit! Now, Japanese game producers, Konami took everyone by surprise with the announcement of Crimesight. A tribute to the legendary tabletop game, Crimesight would bring us to the year 2075. At that time, AI would come into full swing and play an important role in humanity. This is where we would see Crimesight players go head to head for two different teams. One side would manipulate the characters to pull off the attempted murder. Meanwhile, the other would do anything to stop the plan.

The upcoming Konami game asked fans to play a role in building the game. To provide this platform, Konami has now asked players to participate in a closed BETA test. During the test, players can play and give their opinion, which can help increase the potential of the game. As a result, to participate in the closed beta test, Crimesight opened the gateway in both directions. He asked aspiring contributors to participate via Discord and Twitter. But to match as a candidate for the BETA Test, Konami has set certain criteria that must be matched, so that players can participate in the BETA Test. Now comes the real question. What characters would we see in the game? From now on, read this article to find out more.

List of Crimesight game characters

Konami’s upcoming new game would feature two characters, which can be split into a protagonist and an antagonist (depending on which side you select.) The two main characters we’ll see in the game are:

Sherlock: According to Konami

An AI whose goal is to prevent AI criminal mastermind Moriarty from carrying out his devious plot to murder. Take control of the simulator “avatars” and discover Moriarty’s “target” as well as the avatar charged with committing the wrongdoing, the “bad guy”.

Moriarty: From Konami’s perspective

Moriarty will attempt to predict the perfect time to assassinate an avatar, while Sherlock will do everything in his power to save the one marked for murder, the “target”. Although Sherlock perfectly masters the movements of the avatars in the simulator, so does Moriarty, who will not hesitate to have his “pawns” made at his orders. Only the “target” can escape Moriarty’s control.

Along with this, in the game we will see three forms of avatar.

  • Target
  • The mean one
  • Standard avatars

In game year 2075, Moriarty, a ruthless AI criminal, has been built and will commit a murder that will turn the world upside down. To counter this, a new AI named Sherlock is created to counteract Moriarty. Now in Crimesight, players will compete against each other; where one party will try to influence the characters in order to commit the murder. During this time, the other will try to do the same to prevent the murder for protection.


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