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There aren’t many franchises in gaming history that have reached the heights of Resident Evil. Capcom’s horror series became extremely popular after its first episodes. It didn’t take long for the games to catch Hollywood’s attention. And in the early 2000s, Paul WS Anderson wrote and directed the first live-action Resident Evil movie. In later years, sequels would follow, and there is now a comprehensive collection of RE movies that vary in quality.

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The film series is set in a different universe from the games and has its own protagonist in Alice. However, Paul WS Anderson didn’t completely ignore Capcom’s work as he adapted many of their characters. Naturally, the movie versions of the characters aren’t exactly the same as those in the games, but how similar are they?

12 ada wong

Resident Evil Ada Wong Splits Image From Film And Live Action Game

Ada Wong might be live-action movies’ best attempt to adapt a character from the games. In both media, she has short hair, likes to wear red dresses, and is morally ambiguous. She is also very similar in combat, as she exhibits incredible agility and is incredibly skilled with a grapple gun.

Her role in the films is much smaller as she only appears as a supporting character in one episode. However, she still has enough screen time to confirm that her complicated relationship with Leon is also in the movies.


11 Barry Burton

Resident Evil Barry Burton live action vs game

During the games, Barry Burton usually takes on the role of protector. He helps Jill throughout the original title and later takes care of Natalia in Revelations 2. The live-action version of the character isn’t as involved as his in-game counterpart.

Burton’s only appearance is in Retribution when he is part of a Resistance team set up by Wesker. However, his personality and appearance are not much different from the video game version.

ten Nicholas

Resident Evil Nickolai Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

Resident Evil: Apocalypse took a lot of creative liberties with its adaptation of the Nicholai character. Other than the name and the fact that he works for Umbrella, Paul Anderson’s Nicholai has nothing to do with the video game version.

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In the games, the character is a major villain and a heartless individual. The movie version, on the other hand, is actually a pretty honorable guy. They don’t even look much alike as their facial features and hair color are different.

9 carlos

Resident Evil Carlos Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

Although he played a significant role in Resident Evil 3, this is still Carlos’ only appearance in the game series so far. As a result, the character has actually featured more often in the movies – albeit occasionally as a clone – which fans of the games may not know about him.

The two versions of the character don’t look too similar as their facial structure is very different. But Carlos is (usually) a heroic and skilled Umbrella agent in both media.

8 Sergei

Resident Evil Sergei Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

One of the lesser known Resident Evil characters is Sergei Vladimir. In the video game world, he works closely with Oswell E. Spencer and is a major villain in The Umbrella Chronicles. The character is completely different in the movies.

He has a small role in Retribution as a member of the Resistance team. And his job is to help the likes of Leon, Barry, and Luther West navigate the facilities of Umbrella Prime. Not only are their positions in the story distinct from each other, they are not alike at all.

7 James Mark

Resident Evil James Marcus Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

James Marcus had a huge impact in games and movies, but without much screen time. The genius virologist was a founding member of Umbrella and helped develop the T-Virus. Both versions of the character are abandoned by the society they helped create, but the circumstances are quite different.

In the games universe, Marcus’ rivalry with Spencer is what gets him killed before being reborn as Queen Leech. His film counterpart, however, is terminated because he wants to halt development of the T-Virus once he discovers its disastrous effects.

6 Nemesis

Resident Evil Nemesis Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

The Nemesis is one of the most iconic monsters in Resident Evil history. And the beast is so important to the plot of Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil: Apocalypse that it counts as a character. Throughout the game and the movie, the juggernaut is nearly impossible to kill and kills most who oppose it.

Visually, they are also similar except for a few slight differences. For example, the movie version looks a bit smaller than the games version while still being one of the biggest monsters in Resident Evil. Moreover, the version of RE3 undergoes multiple transformations, unlike its cinematic counterpart.

5 Claire Redfield

Resident Evil Claire Redfield Movies Vs Game

Since her debut in Resident Evil 2, Claire Redfield has been one of the series’ best protagonists. She shares her heroic nature and signature red hair with her movie counterpart. The resemblance doesn’t stop at the hair, as the two often wear similar outfits.

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Yet, because of Alice’s inclusion, she does not become the main character in Paul Anderson’s work. That being said, Claire still plays a pretty big role overall as she assists the protagonist on their journey.

4 Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil Leon Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

Despite being a huge character in the games, Leon surprisingly doesn’t appear too much in the movies. Retribution is the only film in which he appears. During which, he is part of Wesker’s resistance group along with Barry Burton and a few others.

Besides slaying monsters and looking cool, the hero doesn’t do much in the movie. Still, it shares some visual similarities with the video game version, including the signature hairstyle. Additionally, for much of Retribution, the character dons an outfit similar to what Leon wears in RE4.

3 Albert Wester

Resident Evil Albert Wesker Split Image Film and Live Action Game

Albert Wesker is arguably the best villain the games have to offer. And he’s the main antagonist for much of the series. The movie version also plays a big role, but he’s not quite the main villain.

Instead, the villain works for Dr. Isaacs as one of Umbrella’s top agents – he never betrays the company in the movie world. He never stabs Chris and Jill as he apparently never worked with them. The man does, however, share some similarities with his in-game counterpart. For example, they both wear long black coats with dark sunglasses and have superhuman powers.

2 Chris Redfield

Resident Evil Chris Redfield Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

Over the course of the game series, Chris Redfield features in more entries than anyone. The character is not as prevalent in the movies, however. He only appears in Afterlife, where he joins a group of survivors led by Alice. Like most characters, he is forced to take a back seat during the film to allow Alice to be the protagonist.

It’s not just Chris’ role in the story that’s different. From his look to his personality, the two versions of the character are distinct from each other. It’s surprising that they took such an iconic RE figure and changed it up so much.

1 Jill Valentine

Resident Evil Jill Valentine Split Image Movie and Live Action Game

Jill Valentine is the ultimate Resident Evil heroine, or at least she is during the games. In the movies, her exploits are usually overshadowed by Alice. However, unlike some adapted characters, Jill is still an important part of the show, especially during her run as the villain in later episodes.

She also bears a strong resemblance to her in-game counterpart throughout the series. At first, she looks like the RE3 version of the hero, then when she’s evil, she looks like Jill from RE5. Overall, Valentine is one of Resident Evil’s best attempts at adapting a character.

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