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Perch locks in $4m in Series A financing North African super app Yassir lands $150m

NatWest releases carbon planner tool to help businesses reduce energy costs

NatWest has created a free to use digital Carbon Planner tool designed to help UK businesses lower energy bills as they cut their carbon footprint.

Natural Gas & Oil Technical Analysis

Using wave analysis, I look at Natural Gas (NG Futures contract) and US Oil (CL Futures contract) to examine the next potential wave in the market.

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00:16 Oil
04:05 Natural Gas

What Are Companies Doing To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

Katie Stewart, Wharton MBA student, Raj Patel, Wharton undergraduate student discuss their experiences working with Capgemini to determine sustainability issues in the energy and utility space and what companies are doing today to reduce their carbon footprint.

Get The Future You Want, with Capgemini.

Measure and reduce your IT carbon emissions

Explore how to measure, report, and reduce the carbon footprint of your digital applications on Google Cloud.

How to reduce your Google Cloud carbon footprint →
Carbon Footprint dashboard →
Google Cloud Region Picker →
Active Assist for Sustainability →
CFE % carbon data for all regions →
Org level policies to restrict resources by location →

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Top 5 Technologies Reducing Carbon Emission in 2021

In the last 10 years the worlds carbon emissions have increased dramatically. Some companies are making it their focus to reduce these emissions as the world reaches a critical turning point in 2050.

So what the big industries causing this huge increase in carbon emissions and what are the technologies helping?

We’ll be counting down the Top 5 Technologies Reducing Our Carbon Footprint in 2021.

For more on some of the companies we’ve mentioned, head to these links below:



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