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Perch locks in $4m in Series A financing North African super app Yassir lands $150m

North African super app Yassir lands $150m

Yassir, a North African “super app” providing rideshare, food delivery and banking services, has raised $150m in Series B funding.

Invest Northern Ireland: Africa has a key role to play

Raksha Maharaj, Regional Director: Africa, Invest Northern Ireland explains why Africa plays an important role in helping the organisation achieve its objectives while also creating mutually beneficial partnerships between companies on the continent and those in Northern Ireland. For more information visit

Rez Talk with the Native Guy – interview with Lamar Callahan Founder – Africans Supporting Africans

What is ASA-CORP.ORG? Listen in as the Native guy talks with founder Lamar Callahan, who joins the show from Florida.
In this episode you learn more about this great organization, and the services that are available to all for affordable prices!
How can you be involved with ASA-CORP.ORG? Listen in as Lamar and Enoch talk and learn about this organization.
Empowering communities to thrive and become a Strong Family.

Humanity began on the Continent; we are focused to be a Global entity.
Child Care: Provide assistance.
Education: Online tutoring.
Food Pantries: Referral Service.
Mobile Clinics: Create & Support.
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A Global Supplier of Zero-Carbon Fuels: The Middle East and North Africa

As global decarbonization efforts intensify and geopolitical dynamics shift, the Middle East and North Africa regions have the opportunity to play a leadership role as global exporters of zero-carbon fuels. With their existing energy infrastructure and expertise, coupled with access to energy markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia, the region can transform itself into a global provider of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia, and an innovator in carbon capture and storage technology and upstream methane emissions controls with the right policy, market conditions, and international cooperation. At COP27, panelists explored how the Middle East and North African regions can seize the opportunity before them and transform themselves from suppliers of unabated fossil fuels into a climate-forward, global suppliers of abundant clean energy.

Speakers: Adam Sieminski, KAPSARC; Dr. Paul Noumba Um, World Bank; Daria Nochevnik, Hydrogen Council; Kamel Ben-Naceur, Society of Petroleum Engineers International, Nomadia Energy; Olivia Azadegan, Clean Air Task Force (moderator)

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A Call to Action: Building the Resilience of North Africa’s Coast

Fishermen, families, hotel owners, and coastal farmers are all sounding an alarm: North Africa’s coast has reached its tipping point. Coastal hotspots in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, for a start, are “absolutely exhausted” from overfishing and coastal erosion. The Mediterranean Sea is warming twice as fast as the global ocean, with worsening marine pollution, and the fastest-growing coastal cities. Still, many are hopeful that coastal adaptation can turn the tide. A new World Bank program is working within the region to protect the communities on the coast—even as they grow.

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