Realistic busts of game characters like Aerith from FF7 available for purchase


Online storefront FantasyToys sells hyper-realistic busts of video game characters from franchises like Final Fantasy, Red Dead, and Halo.

Fans of video game memorabilia can now bolster their collections with a host of impressively detailed busts of their favorite characters. Novelty gaming merchandise is a huge market, and avid gamers are constantly on the lookout for things like statues, stickers, and clothing that commemorate popular IPs like Halo, Call of Duty, Monitoringand much more.

The idea of ​​high-quality collectibles isn’t new to those familiar with the gaming community. Video games are a massive and diverse medium that often emphasizes design and aesthetics, giving artisans and merchandising conglomerates plenty of opportunities to create unique and sought-after pieces themed around iconic properties. These goods can also be extremely expensive, with rare Pokemon cards and Funko POP! figurines sometimes selling for thousands of dollars each. Speculative buying is often rampant in these markets, with collectors frequently buying items in the hope that their value might multiply over the years.


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While brands like Funko have become popular with gamers by creating minimalistic replicas of famous video game characters, online storefront FantasyToys seems to be taking the opposite approach. As the popular content creator noted The sphere hunter on Twitter, FantasyToys is currently selling realistic 1:1 busts of characters from franchises like Final Fantasy, The last of usand God of the war. These busts are made with silica gel, as well as clothing fabric, although the artist behind these pieces does not disclose what specific fabrics are used.

In his tweet, The Sphere Hunter comments that some of the busts are oddly realistic. Some viewers might echo these sentiments, as it can be strange to see characters that were previously presented on a TV screen or computer screen in full 3D. It should also be noted that some detail-oriented collectors may find the accuracy of these busts to be variable: while many of them are extremely faithful to the on-screen portrayals of the characters, others are slightly off. Specifically, the busts of Arthur Morgan and Nathan Drake look a little different from how they appear in-game.

Nevertheless, these creations are extremely impressive and are sure to arouse the interest of collectors. Time will tell how FantasyToys fare when it comes to copyrights and merchandising, especially from giants like Sony and Square Enix. Hopefully, however, the artist (or artists) behind these works can reap the rewards of their labor without too much hassle.

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Source: FantasyToys,Tthe sphere hunter/Twitter

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