South Korean workers dress up as ‘Squid Game’ characters to protest against labor rights


Protesters in Squid game outfits and others held placards with various messages during the protest.

Some of the signs read “Inequality Out” and “Safe Youth Employment; Quality Youth Employment, ”Reuters reported based on a video uploaded by the KCTU.

According to the Straits Times correspondent in South Korea, the group demanded better working conditions for irregular workers and an increase in the minimum wage.

Irregular workers in the country do not receive all the benefits provided by local law. The group concerned includes temporary workers and contract workers.

It is said that around 1,000 delivery people, largely employed as part of the odd-job economy, have turned off their phone apps to join the strike.

In August last year, irregular workers accounted for 36.1% of total salaried workers.

Nonprofit news organization Truth Out reported earlier this week that half a million workers were scheduled to quit their jobs in a one-day general strike on October 20.

The KCTU said some 80,000 members joined rallies in 13 cities on Wednesday, causing serious traffic jams and public disruption, The Straits Times reported.

It is reported that 12,000 police officers were deployed to set up “bus walls” and fences to prevent people from gathering in Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul.

Gwanghwamun Plaza is a short walk from Gyeongbokgung Tourist and Historic Palace.


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