South Korean workers dress up as Squid game characters to protest for their rights


Seoul: Thousands of unionized workers in Seoul, South Korea recently held a protest to demand better working conditions from the government. However, what caught the eye was that a large group of agitators donned costumes seen in the Netflix sensation “Squid Game” as part of the protests. Notably, the survival drama involving deadly children’s games has quickly become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows and continues to enthrall audiences around the world.Also Read – Mumbai Police Use ‘Squid Game’ Reference To Promote Road Safety, Says You Can Save You From Disqualification

According to The Straits Times, more than 80,000 members of the South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions went on strike in 13 different cities in South Korea on Wednesday local time, demanding that the government improve working conditions for irregular workers and increase the minimum salary. Dozens of the members were seen in flamboyant jumpsuits and masks worn by actors from the Netflix show.

Unionists dressed in pink jumpsuits and masks with white circle, square or triangle symbols worn by guards in “Squid Game” were seen beating drums to loud music and dancing. Lim Yun Suk, the Korean bureau chief of Channel News Asia, tweeted that some union workers said, like the characters in the popular Korean survival drama, “they too are struggling to make a living.”

Watch the video here:

“About 80 members of the youth union dressed in costumes that parody the squid game, which bitterly satirizes the bare face of our society,” KCTU said in a statement.

The Seoul city government on Thursday filed a complaint with the police against members of South Korea’s main labor group, claiming they had defied COVID-19 restrictions. Only one-person protests are allowed in the capital and surrounding areas under current social distancing rules.

The Squid Game premiered on Netflix on September 17 and quickly became the highest rated program in 90 countries. The show is a survival drama where 456 debt-ridden people compete in children’s games with fatal results. Only one of the 456 contestants can make it out of the games alive with a whopping $38 million cash reward.


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