Streamers You Didn’t Know Voiced Video Game Characters


“Minecraft” is one of the most open-ended games out there. Streamers have potentially endless gear to work with as they play vanilla survival mode, create countless crazy creations, or mess around with myriad mods. The result is a very fun experience, and while spinoffs fill in the gaps, no one would have enlightened these games if the source material wasn’t popular enough. Why shouldn’t developers honor the streamers who helped make ‘Minecraft’ a household name by hiring them?

One of the biggest “Minecraft” personalities on YouTube and Twitch is Daniel “DanTDM” Middleton. He has a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and a Guinness World Record thanks to his “Minecraft” escapades. Not only that, but he has a number of dubbing credits to his name.

Before Telltale Games shut down and subsequently resurrected under LCG Entertainment, the company worked on story-driven titles based on existing IPs, including “Minecraft”. While “Minecraft: Story Mode” initially did its own thing in the existing “Minecraft” world, it eventually added new concepts such as alternate dimensions. One of those dimensions was populated by “Minecraft” streamers, all voiced by their real-world counterparts. In other words, DanTDM got to play himself in “Minecraft” and in a murder mystery. While DanTDM went on to play other roles in shows and movies based on video games, such as “Skylanders Academy” and “Ralph Breaks the Internet” (the UK version only, unfortunately), “Minecraft: Story Mode remains DanTDM’s only true video game role.

If the new Telltale Games ever revisit “Minecraft,” fans might hear more DanTDM in a game world.


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