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Perch locks in $4m in Series A financing North African super app Yassir lands $150m

Tellus closes seed to make savings through real estate

Tellus, which stylises itself as a smart savings platform powered by real estate, has closed its seed funding round on $16m.


Tellus App

No Fees, No Limits – High Yield Savings App

Tellus members earn on average 4.50% APY – 40x more than a traditional savings account. Boost your money with powerful compounding interest to earn every day. Earn up to 6% APY.

Tellus pays you daily – not monthly or quarterly – which means that the interest you receive today earns interest tomorrow. All backed by Tellus’ Triple-Layer Protection framework
and 100% payout success history.


Journey Update | March 2023

Join me in the first installment of these series where I give you updates on my personal real estate investing journey. In these series, I share progress I’ve made, challenges I’ve faced, lessons I’ve learned and my goals for the future.

In this first update, I share how I got into real estate investing and how the years of saving and investing helped me take the first steps. I dive into how I acquired my first two properties and the challenges that came with that.

If you’re a new investor, or if you’ve never bought an investment property, I hope this episode gives you the motivation to take the first step. Check out my other episodes where I interview experts and teach you different concepts of real estate investing.

Teach Me Real Estate Investing – Episode 14
Instagram: Saugat Ghimire (@isaugatthis)

0:00 Intro
1:39 Learning About Financial Independence
4:26 Getting Into Real Estate Investing
9:17 Buying My First Investment Property
16:34 Short Term Rental Revenue
18:01 Purchasing My Second Property
19:23 Challenges I Faced
23:02 Lessons I’ve Learned
28:42 Challenges I’m Currently Facing
29:48 Next Steps And Goals
31:45 Connect With Me

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How I Made $200k My First Year Investing In Real Estate

In today’s video, I go over how I made over $200k in real estate in my very first year of investing…

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Tell Del Tuesday – Plant the Seeds of Passive Income and Retire With Real Estate!

Commuting 3hrs daily, Gerard was tired of forfeiting family time for his demanding high-pressure job working on the NYSE. Moving his retirement savings into real estate investments 3 years ago, he’s already doubled his net worth and today tells Del Walmsley about his first 16 unit Multifamily community purchased as an Independent Rental Owner, under contract to sell now for over 300% gain!

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