The 10 Best Custom Superstars Based On Video Game Characters (And How To Download Them)


WWE games were a little behind the party of creating a wrestler compared to some of their peers, but they are now leading the way when it comes to customization. The last episode of the series, WWE 2K22features the most comprehensive CAW mode to date, allowing players to add just about anyone they can think of to the game.

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Although the majority of the designs are based on current and former wrestlers, many of them were inspired by characters from other video game series. Due to the realistic nature of WWE 2K22some of these custom Superstars are a little shocking at first, however, for fans of their respective franchises, that shouldn’t be a deal breaker.



Content ID 2483FB52E387428553C24E58F5E8E17A
Creator VENUM#41788
Hashtag(s) #MK #Scorpio

The fantastic Scorpion model from VENUM from mortal combat is an excellent example of the depth of WWE 2K22A wrestler’s creative tools. The high levels of detail are incredibly impressive and really help bring the character to life. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to use Scorpion’s iconic “Get Over Here” attack, but mortal combat fans should still be more than happy with the end result.

below zero

Content ID E2E3BCD74C9C40B063D7DFECC5C1A7E3
Creator YOU KNOW LYNCHII#15059
Hashtag(s) #MORTALKOMBAT #subzero

For those looking for something a little cooler, YOUKNOWLYNCHII’s attempt to recreate Sub Zero should hit the mark. Like Scorpion, the attention to detail is truly astounding and just shows what’s possible if players are willing to put in the time and effort to really make their creations shine.


Content ID 5C806E21AED8432164B48C1FDEC9F39B
Creator Some edits cropped #80970

Corn mortal combat has its fair share of blood and gore, it’s never really presented in a creepy way. However, the same cannot be said of the Five nights at Freddy’s series, which is renowned for its use of scary jumps and shocking imagery. This solid recreation of Springtrap from the third installment in the series comes courtesy of creator SomeCroppyEdits and is one of many FNAF characters available in WWE 2K22.


Content ID B113A12509004B76533148211174113A
Creator WITH WING #65227
Hashtag(s) #wii

Following his appearance in the very successful Sports Wii, Matt, the CPU-controlled character, has become something of a meme. Now, thanks to the efforts of creator WITHERWINGYT, the all-conquering sports star can strut around the WWE 2K22 sound and show that all these years of virtual boxing have not been for nothing.

donkey kong

Content ID 95DCDB3B231547EF6C10C44864B35D24
Creator YouTuberTheGameMLL#75944
Hashtag(s) #DONKEY #KONG #DK

Why settle for superstars that are simply described as animals when you can just download a real jungle fighting game like Donkey Kong instead? Admittedly, the somewhat realistic body doesn’t match the character’s cartoonish face very well, but YouTuberTheGameMLL’s creation is still worth a look, especially for fans of Nintendo’s classic franchise.


Content ID 4088CF2797EDF457871FB3869E569F0DA
Creator EducatedLoverTube#62229
Hashtag(s) #mario #nintendo #smashbros

Perhaps a little more Mari-oh-no than Mario, there’s an awful lot to unpack when it comes to this interesting recreation from EducatedLoverTube. It is, however, very easy to identify the portly plumber, which suggests that the creator has at least succeeded in some things. Dr. Mario’s alternate attire is also hilarious, if a bit creepy.


Content ID 2D78E680BB56F13275EF6F683AB12D6
Creator AlfieRodds#75439

Not to be outdone by his longtime rival in the nightmare fuel department, Sonic’s lack of ears and chiseled physique are really quite disconcerting here. For fans of the stubborn hedgehog though, AlfieRodds’ creation will likely be welcome, if only for the novelty of seeing Sonic strutting around inside the WWE 2K22 Ring.

Dr Robotnik

Content ID 38630031C88A4B7A4F5C0FA0B9521A80
Creator SpykeFreaky#70148

There aren’t too many games that feature the blue blur and not his nemesis, Eggman, and WWE 2K22 is not one. Thankfully, SpykeFreaky’s attempt to recreate Robotnik isn’t nearly as terrifying as AlfieRodds’ Sonic, instead falling somewhere between the lines of realism and outright imagination.

Arthur Morgan

Content ID 12D22F31524044DC6B5ADA263523D73D
Hashtag(s) #AEW #FIEND #CODY

Besides being responsible for some of the best superhero based custom superstars and a pretty decent attempt at Eminem, MARCOANDTARMA also created this fantastic Arthur Morgan version of Red Dead Redemption 2. Complete with the character’s signature belt and suspenders, he really looks the part and is a must-have download for anyone. red death fan.

big smoke

Content ID 7432CB70371844BE459258FB0E7D8FC1
Creator DirectConchairtoLTD#62180

Big Smoke is probably one of the most underrated villains in video game history. The way he does CJ and Sweet dirty in GTA San Andreas is enough to evoke genuine feelings of anger. For those who have yet to come to terms with his betrayal, beat him to death in WWE 2K22 just might help, and now they can thanks to this fantastic creation from DirectConchairtoLTD.

WWE 2K22 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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