The 10 funniest video game characters, according to Reddit


With the recent addition of Gate and Portal 2 on the Nintendo Switch, a whole new community discovers the mysteries of science, testing and cakes. Additionally, fans can expect to see characters such as Wheatley and GlaDOS, who never fail to make gamers laugh with their anecdotes.

Comic relief characters can be found in any video game, regardless of genre, to provide hilarious takes on even the most dire situations and sometimes the most cartoonish ridiculousness. From unhinged anti-heroes to artificial intelligence to deranged fanatics, the variety of humorous characters in games is as eclectic as the players who love those characters.


ten Duke Nukem

Whereas Duke Nukem debuted in 1991 in a side-scroller, the controversial character’s popularity skyrocketed with the release of Duke Nukem 3D in 1996. In the new format, the character is given his voice, and this, along with a creative array of weapons, helps set him apart from other first-person shooters in that region, including Loss.

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Several Reddit users, including mrried-4-life-dan-kc, selected Duke Nukem as their pick for funniest video game character ever. While critics of the character rightly view his humor as misogynistic and sophomoric, this style would have fit perfectly with the raunchy humor of the 90s with the likes of Ren & Stimpy and South Park. While it may not have aged well, it’s undoubtedly true that as a product of the 90s, Duke Nukem’s impact on the gaming world is significant.

9 sales pitch

A Borderlands Inescapable, Claptrap is one of the most obnoxious and enthusiastic characters in all of video games. He constantly brags about being tall, but he’s also extremely cowardly when it matters.

Even so, Reddit users like SammisaurusR3x find him hilarious, likely because of and despite his annoying tendencies. Even so, while he’s undeniably hilarious, he’s a character with divided opinions and also not well-liked by Borderlands players. The debate may never end on whether Claptrap is the best or worst video game companion a gamer could have.

8 Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips is one of the three playable protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V. He is severely unbalanced and aggressive, but he is also fiercely loyal. While he can lash out at the slightest insult, there is context given to his relationship with his abusive mother.

Despite his messier features, gamers like Reddit user Snoo79382 find humor in Trevor’s tirades and unique outlook on life. Trevor can go do some really heinous things all along the GTA V storyline, but every single one of them is the other person’s fault, according to Trevor.

seven The radio

The radio in Grand Theft Auto plays an amazing soundtrack that can really let the player immerse themselves in the game. As amazing as the soundtrack is, the fictional shows found on the various stations really bring out the humorous and parody elements of the radio .

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InItsTeeth thinks these parodies add a higher level of humor to many GTA games. With everything from talk radio to cartoons that regular radio listeners have come to expect, the many voice talents that bring the various radio DJs to life deliver hilarious performances.

6 Guybrush Threepwood

The monkey island the point-and-click adventures were full of hilarity and parody interactions between the hero, Guybrush Threepwood, and the various characters he encounters.

Reddit user JFonzy lists him as the funniest character in video game history, and in response, basedlandchad9 says “Jack Sparrow wishes he had **** on Guybrush”. From frolicking on various fictional islands in the Caribbean, finding typical crude pirate things, practicing voodoo poorly, and polishing a pirate’s wooden leg, Guybrush Threepwood’s adventures are never dull. . He certainly turns out to be a charming character to be around.

5 Without

Subtitle is a remarkable indie video game impressively developed by one person. The Skeletal Sans is a recurring character throughout the game and, potentially, the player’s final boss, depending on which gameplay ending the player ends up with.

Dangerous_Ad_2192, in particular, appreciates Sans’ fatalistic sense of humor. True, Sans is mischievous, but he is prone to laziness. Sans can be laid back and flippant, but claims he can kill the player right where he is. He also enjoys pranks and making people laugh in general. Plus, it also has one of the best final boss songs in video game history in “Megalovania.”


The Gate the games are a series of puzzle games at their foundation. The game mechanics are quite simple, but the addition of the portals forces the player to be creative in solving the puzzles. However, if there was no villain, it probably would have remained a demo as it was originally created.

A popular pick among Reddit users like xtbfg, GLaDOS’ amoral and sadistic humor is what makes the games so iconic. It’s not just that she’s a rogue AI trying to kill the player, it’s that her lies and insults are so creative and, at times, random. Add to that the famous end credits song “Still Alive” from the first game, and the hilariously dark and mean-spirited antagonist solidifies his place in the game’s history.

3 donkey kong

Donkey Kong crashed into the hearts of gamers in 1984 when he first captured Pauline (the damsel figure before Princess Peach entered the scene) and fought with a mustachioed plumber at the nameless red jumpsuit.

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Since becoming the titular villain, the Great Ape has gone through several changes starting with the N64 game. donkey kong country and continuing his various appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series. With a much more light-hearted and silly presentation, Reddit user stubyourtoenailnow is convinced that “Donkey Kong is the funniest video game character ever. Try to change my mind.”

2 Handsome Jack

Not to be taken too seriously, Borderlands the games feature some of the funniest video game cutscenes in video games. As such, there are plenty of characters who bring wacky humor to the game. Perhaps no other character does this better than Handsome Jack, the main antagonist of Borderlands II.

Many Reddit users like snaileatscucumber clearly appreciate the way the character was written. Jack is ruthless, sadistic, and tricked into believing himself the hero of the story. It’s this cognitive dissonance in his belief versus reality that really makes the character memorable and funny.

1 Cicero

Skyrim is one of the most famous games to date. The game’s variety of choices for character and player development make it extremely replayable.

According to KoreanChap, the funniest character in the game is Cicero. Depending on the player’s tolerance level, Cicero can be hilarious or endlessly boring. His voice sounds like a Joker, and his fanaticism for the Night Mother is as ridiculous as it is disturbing. His madness, however, definitely provides a different layer to the game, and, if the player allows him to live, he’s one of the best companions to have on future missions.

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