The 2021 Met Gala outfits remind me of video game characters


The annual Met Gala event took place last night as some of the world’s most famous people gathered to celebrate fashion. This year’s theme was “In America: A Fashion Lexicon”, which is totally inaccurate since most of the participants decided to dress up as video game heroes and villains. Fashion brands like Balenciaga and Versace designed outfits that wouldn’t be out of place on a JRPG antagonist or in a Platinum game. Let’s take a look at which celebrities decided to take the Paragon route and dress as heroes and who decided to become a full-fledged Renegade, dressing like a video game boss.

Lil Nas X became the final boss of JRPG. Her three different outfits mirror the three-phase boss fights of classic RPGs, like Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. His three-tiered outfit isn’t the only way he pays homage to JRPGs of yore. In countless JRPGs, players switch from fighting creatures at the start of the game to killing God at the end. Lil Nas X’s oversized, shimmering cape would be perfect for any number of Final Fantasy bosses as they descend from the skies to destroy your party. You’ve used up all the potions in your inventory and ultimately defeated Lil Nas X, at least that’s what you think as he dumps his cloak, restores his health bar, and reveals his golden Versace armor.

If we want to stay on that Final Fantasy train a little longer, artist Grimes donned a sword literally made from an AR-15 assault rifle. Many took Grimes’ sword as a political statement or performance commenting perhaps on the military industrial complex or a culture of violence since the official theme of the event was “In America”. But I’m here to set the record straight, the blade she chose to equip is an interpretation of some iconic Final Fantasy weapons. She probably refers to the Lion Heart from Final Fantasy VIII or Lightning’s incredible gunblade as seen in Final Fantasy XIII. Grimes’ fashion credentials appear even more layered when you consider the history of Final Fantasy XIII in the fashion industry.

Dan Levy can be either a hero or a villain, but it depends on the game he’s in. If he wants to wear his outfit in a Pokémon game, he’ll be relegated to Team Rocket’s villainous operation, or at best, a rival gym leader. This is mainly due to his colorful Loewe outfit – Levy would fit perfectly into the whole Team Rocket as they perform their “Double Trouble” number.

In any other game, Dan Levy would definitely be in the player’s party, if not the main character. He has an outfit that absorbs attention like a gravity sink, distracting from the gaze of any other character. Its varying shades of blue likely mean it can harness the power of water – useful against fire-type enemies.

Kim Kardashian’s solid black Balenciaga outfit is an enigma, straddling the video game hero and villain. You would assume that any NPC dressed like Kim K would automatically be an enemy. Her all-black, faceless character is certainly unsettling, but if you ask me, she’s just trying to protect her true identity by doing self-defense work. Her dark outfit is used to sneak up on criminals in the dark, taking them out one by one with the wrath of a tortured superhero.

Some fans believe she totally defies the hero / villain speech. Kim comes across as unloaded texture to many – maybe it’s kind of a commentary on the difficulties of video game development. It’s always nice to see celebrities championing important causes. She could also be confused with placeholder silhouettes in fighting games, before you’ve unlocked a certain character. Maybe Kim Kardashian is just waiting to show us her true power.


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