The 5 most popular sports-themed online games


android and ios soccer games
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Android and iOS football games

Online gaming is an activity that millions of people participate in every day. In Spain 1.37 million were active users in 2019 in an industry that generates over 700 million in profits each year. The ability to play online at any time of the day and from the device the user chooses. The comfort of being able to do a safe and enjoyable activity from home, enjoying the privacy and the necessary concentration is what makes online games one of the most popular pastimes.

The world’s most popular online games

In the list of the most popular online games in the world, we find some classics at the top. Fortnite has increased with the triumph in this world ranking in which stands out the increase in its popularity in recent years. Close monitoring is League of Legends a real mass phenomenon in Europe which has not had such an impact in Latin America. Overwatch takes third place and shows that despite being a paid game, it is able to attract a considerable number of players. The benefits of this game are measured by the satisfaction of playing online, without receiving anything else in return.

Close the classification they find, PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and online gambling. In this fifth place we find several online games, among the most popular are the slot machines online that attract many players. Online casino games recreate the environment of physical space on any device, tablet, phone or computer. The games known to all, such as roulette, poker or, the queens par excellence of this type of game, slot machines, occupy this position among the most popular online games in the world.

Sports-themed online games

After the previous ranking, in fifth place are the slot machines. Online casinos or online games like slots are the ones that attract the most players year after year. For the players in this sector, there are no barriers, they don’t mind paying a sum of money to get to do their favorite activity. Although unlike online gambling, in the case of casinos, you can get some benefits. In other words, it is an investment that can be linked to your tastes.

When choosing an online game, we have to keep in mind that taste plays an important role. Online sports games have become a sensation for those who are passionate about this activity. The sport has become an exhaust valve present in online casino slots, but it is also acquiring a name of its own.

Sports with the most followers in the world

Football is one of the games with the most followers in the world, which means that millions of people are sitting in front of the TV or looking for a place to watch their favorite games. According to official data of a Spanish League match, the Barça-Madrid have 600 million subscribers or users aware of each of the player’s movements. To be one of the most publicized events.

The game par excellence of the Spanish League is above the spectators of one of the sporting events of the year, the Super Bowl. Alone 150 million people they are in the process of this sporting act. American football has millions of followers, but it is not one of the most watched sports in the world. Cricket has 2.5 billion subscribers, which places it in second place, behind football in terms of the number of followers in the world.

Faced with such a scenario, it is no wonder that online games are linked to these top games. Although each player is based on their own tastes, football is the first to follow, but the automotive world is not far behind. It is one of the games with the most users.

The main protagonists of these games are real people and cars or motorcycles that can be seen on the small screen. Lewis hamilton He is one of the protagonists who, to give information, has 31 million followers on social networks. He is one of the elite athletes to have reached this impossible number. Only figures from the world of football like Cristiano Ronaldo reach similar numbers.

Sports-themed online games attract a large number of users. The fact of being a follower of one of the sports or of being based on one of its protagonists is an additional incentive to start this activity. Being one of the most popular and demanded by users all over the world. Sports are king in a fun and entertaining theme like the world’s most played online games.



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