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In any video game with pretty realistic human characters, fans can often get a feel for the size of the character, even if the developers don’t explicitly state it. For less realistic games like Minecraft however, the size of a character is more difficult to assess. The Minecraft mascot and character by default, Steve’s height could only be guessed once, as players know every block in Minecraft is one meter in diameter. It made Steve look quite tall, but Xbox then posted a tweet saying Minecraft‘s Steve is an impressive six feet and two inches tall.

Many fans were surprised to learn that Steve was well above the average height of a man. It is certainly strange to imagine the Minecraft protagonist standing above real fans, but it’s not just the comparison to the size of a real human that’s potentially shocking. It’s especially strange to think of Steve’s height compared to other well-known video game characters. There are a lot of tall characters, but it turns out that Minecraft‘s Steve is taller than a lot of them.


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How Minecraft Steve takes to the skies

Minecraft Steve close up

Xbox’s tweet on the Minecraft the mascot makes him taller than some notable characters right off the bat. For example, Metal gearSolid Snake is typically just under six feet tall, which means Steve has a few inches of height on him. Steve is also taller than each of the Persona 5‘s Phantom Thieves. Joker is 5’9 “, which is above average for Japanese men, while Yusuke Kitagawa is the tallest at 5’11”.

Steve’s size means he has some pretty unexpected peers as well. For example, MetroidSamus Aran’s bounty hunt hero is famous outside of his costume, with a Super Metroid guide describing Samus’ height at 6’3 “. This easily makes Samus taller than most people, but it does mean she is almost exactly the same height as Steve. Sephiroth, the antagonist of Final Fantasy 7, is also quite close to Steve in height. Although comparing him to other characters makes his height a bit blurry, Sephiroth is officially 6’1 “, which means he’s on par with Steve.

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Other characters are still significantly taller than Steve, despite his surprising size. For example, HaloThe Master Chief still towers over Steve and most other human characters, standing at 6’10 “without his Spartan armor. This means Steve would only be eight inches shorter than Master Chief, which is a significant difference. but much less than most characters Steve is not particularly close in height to other famous video game giants like Lady Dimitrescu and Ganondorf, but it is still a major surprise that Steve is closer to the size of these characters. than many of his peers.

Minecraft Steve is a relative giant

mojang live event update october 2020

Anyone who has followed franchises like Super Mario For quite some time now, fans will be eagerly debating the height of the characters if the developers don’t come up with exact numbers. This makes Steve’s precise size all the more hilarious. If other franchises with stylized, cartoonish characters start providing canonical heights for these characters, then Steve’s height will be a perfect benchmark for surprising measurements. Mojang may have just tried to advertise news about the 2022 wild update for Minecraft, but it turns out that Steve’s height could be an even better way to get fans of the game talking..

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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