There are over 200 Squid Game apps on the Play Store, and one of them is disguising malware


If you are on social media platforms, you have certainly come across some Squid game content. Netflix’s Korean show has grown in popularity around the world and has helped the streaming platform attract many new subscribers. Therefore, this is how we have this new report claiming that there are people with malicious intentions trying to gain benefits from the show.

An ESET Android Malware Researcher Analysis Lukas Stefanko revealed that a Squid Game wallpaper app was used to hide the Joker malware. Users who have downloaded the malware-laden application will be targeted by ad scams or sign up for expensive SMS services without their knowledge or consent.

Malware Squid Game 1.jpg

Stefanko also tweeted that there are currently over 200 apps related to the game Squid on the Google Play Store, and one of them even reached 1 million downloads in just ten days. Since Squid Game does not have an official app, it becomes an opportunity for app makers to capitalize on the trend and reap the benefits of ads. Therefore, we are here to remind you not to download unofficial apps without consulting the notices to avoid falling victim to a cyber attack.

Other than that, are you one of the people who get caught up in the Squid gaming craze? Leave a comment to let us know and stay tuned to for the latest tech report.


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