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Video games have more than proven themselves as valuable entertainment. They are arguably more popular than movies and TV shows. However, with this equal footing comes an equal chance to copy.

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Many entertainments take notes of each other during the creation process, so it’s only fitting that games do the same. This sometimes manifests itself in the design. When creating a character, developers may have a specific figure in mind, either for aesthetics or personality. It may surprise players how instrumental celebrities are in creating some of their favorite characters. Sometimes inspiration just comes from unlikely places.

Tawna—Crash Bandicoot

The goofy bandicoot spends his first outing in the now-iconic franchise trying to save his girlfriend. She is the girl of his dreams to a comedic degree. Their relationship is akin to that of Roger and Jessica Rabbit. This is evident from her provocative proportions and her big blonde hair. But most fans today don’t know that Naughty Dog was inspired by another blonde bombshell from the era.

Pamela Anderson dazzled viewers on Baywatch, becoming an international sex symbol thanks to her role in the beach show. The developers played on it. They kept Anderson’s image in mind when designing Tawna, explaining her model looks. In essence, Crash’s object of desire was the same as everyone else’s. It’s an ironic quirk that a lot of guys probably picked up on back then.

Ganondorf — The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

To complete the leap to a 3D environment, Nintendo saw fit to update The Legend of Zeldais the notorious villain. This led to the redesign of Ganon to Ocarina of time. Instead of the old pig-like monster, the new one dubbed “Ganondorf” has become an evil wizard and, therefore, more humanoid.

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The model for this change was actor Christopher Lambert. He’s quite imposing, but you also have to consider that the game was developed in the 90s. Lambert was a well-known character actor, especially in those days, earning a name for himself as Connor Macleod in mountaineer and Raiden in the mortal combat film. Zelda is a corny series, so using an actor with a cheesy appeal is an inspired choice.

Samus — Metroid

Players played through the original metroid like most macho shooters, albeit as an armored warrior with different proportions than most video game heroes of the time. Imagine their surprise, then, when Samus turned out to be a woman. As impactful as this twist is, it makes sense for fans to find out about the developers’ influences.

More specifically, they had Sigourney Weaver in mind, and it’s easy to see why. The actress has been widely acclaimed for her nonsensical role as a resilient Ripley in the Extraterrestrial movies. metroid Already takes notes from these sci-fi movies for its enemy and level design, so why not the protagonist as well?

However, it was an odd decision not to use Weaver in full. For the shape of the body, the designers looked Kim Basinger. She was also tall at the time with Natural and 9 1/2 weeks. That said, she wasn’t associated with science fiction like Weaver.

Rex Colt—Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

This great extension of Far Cry 3 is a throwback to 80s techno sci-fi and machismo, so Ubisoft needed a hero who could embody those qualities. They found one in Rex Colt: a cyborg commando that fires as many replicas as bullets. However, he is not content to imitate the stars of the time. He is one of them.

The character’s likeness comes from Michael Biehn. This gruff actor has endeared himself to viewers with his roles as downtrodden heroes, the most famous of which are Kyle Reese in The Terminator and Dwayne Hicks in aliens. Colt is Reese’s doppelganger in the cutscenes. The difference is that he sports a cybernetic eye, which is ironic but fitting. Even more fittingly, the developers asked Biehn to voice the role.

Squall Leonhart—Final Fantasy 8

The iconic Final Fantasy 7 was a massive hit, so Square Enix wanted to claw back some of that success with the next entry. Part of that was creating a new hero with an introspective character similar to Cloud Strife. Enter Squall Leonhart, who directs Final Fantasy 8 with a dark side offsetting his boyish good looks. This JRPG protagonist, however, may seem familiar to moviegoers.

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Character artist Tetsuya Nomura had Phoenix River in mind during the design phase. During his too short career, this young actor left an indelible impression on the public of support me and Runs empty, so the creators wanted to use it as inspiration for Squall. In particular, the hero is practically a Phoenix look-alike in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where he plays a younger version of the famous archaeologist. In all spin-offs and cameos since, however, Squall has yet to be turned into Harrison Ford.

The Cave Dragon — MediEvil

The Adventures of Sir Dan in MediEvil pit players against countless colorful characters, but among the most random is a serpentine dragon. The lizard emits a few threats with a strong Scottish accent. It looks like an impression of Sean Connery, and that’s because it is.

Connery lent his signature tones to another dragon in the 1996 film, dragon heart. That was the most remarkable thing about this film. The original MediEvil came out two years later. It’s not a stretch to assume that the developers added this audio gag during development. The 2019 remake kept it intact, but today’s gamers might not get the joke.

Jinx—League of Legends

This armed madman is the joker of League of Legends. She loves to wreak havoc, and she has the technical expertise and oversized arsenal to achieve that tenfold goal. In short, it is madness incarnate.

To inform this thief, the devs referenced someone who channeled this madness multiple times. renowned actress Helena Bonham Carter has made a career out of such original characters. His roles in fight club, Sweeney Toddand Harry Potter are just a few examples. She and Jinx even sport similarly unkempt appearances. In creating an icon of unbridled eccentricity, it’s only natural to draw inspiration from a performer who has that eccentricity in mind.

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