Video game characters who can move mountains


Many video game characters train excessively to be the best. This build comes with a wide variety of benefits, from incredible speed to looking as chiseled as a statue carved out of marble. However, looking physically strong is one thing, but being strong is something completely different.

Throughout various franchises, players have encountered their fair share of hardy characters who have claimed to possess unnatural power levels. Some characters may have the strength that allows them to move the earth with their minds, while others contain immense physical strength. However, only a few are strong enough to lift mountains from the earth themselves.

ten Isaac – Golden Sun

Isaac is the most powerful Earth Adept in the world. golden sun franchise. His training in psynergy, which gives him the power to manipulate both earth and plant matter, began when he was 13 years old. This means that Isaac has had many years to grow even stronger during his adventures.

This earthbender may not look physically strong, but his psynergy-based abilities allow him to push objects away from him. Players have never been able to see how far Isaac’s powers can go, and so it’s entirely possible that at the age of 44, Isaac could lift a mountain.

9 Albert Wesker – Resident Evil

After injecting himself with the infamous T-Virus, which he helped invent, Albert Wesker gained a wide range of abilities that made him more powerful than average. Possessing not only superhuman strength, but also speed and regenerative abilities, Dr. Wesker had succeeded in his experiments and turned into a monster.

The man who claims to no longer be human showcased his strength to players throughout the resident Evil franchise. He launched missiles at the player with one hand, as well as lifting heavy metal from his body when trapped. Albert Wesker is a classic show-off who likes to prove himself and so once he reached his mutated form, a mountain would be easy to lift.

8 Dante – The devil may cry

Born of a demon and a human, Dante has a phenomenal amount of power brewing within him. Although he rejects his demonic heritage to focus more on his humanity, Dante can’t deny that without his father’s demonic genetics, he couldn’t survive as long as he did.

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Dante has the power to take on a more demonic form which increases his abilities; however, even in his human form, he is stronger than any man. Examples of the invisible limit of Dante’s strength can be seen by fans of the the devil may cry frankness when the half-demon easily blocked the blows of horrible enemies.

seven Starkiller – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Trained by the legendary Darth Vader himself, Starkiller is a relentless weapon of the Force. Although a clone, Starkiller is considered by fans to be more powerful than the original Galen Marek from which he was created. Progressing in his training through flashbacks of the original Galen as well as Darth Vader’s influence, Starkiller became incredibly strong in his use of the Force.

He was particularly gifted with telekinesis, which allowed the clone to crush TIE-Fighters like aluminum cans. Starkiller’s deadliest ability, Force Fury, augments all of his abilities, pushing him even further with his telekinesis to the point where he could easily lift a mountain out of the ground.

6 Lilith – Borderlands

As one of the six women known as Sirens, Lilith possesses an incredible amount of power fueled by Eridium. As a playable character in the first Borderlandsplayers are aware of the phase abilities Lilith is able to pull off, such as her Phasewalk, which allows her to turn invisible and move closer to the enemy.

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In later games, the fan favorite returned with new skills to show off. In Borderlands 2, Lilith was able to lift the city of Sanctuary into the sky using her mermaid abilities. The mountains would not be a challenge for Lilith, as in Borderlands 3 she took her abilities one step further, stopping a moon in its tracks to save the entirety of Pandora.

5 Bayonet

Similar to Dante, Bayonetta was created by the forbidden union of a witch and a wise Lumen. As one of the two remaining Umbra witches, an ancient order that practiced the dark arts, it is important for Bayonetta to survive. However, that comes easily for someone with his amount of power.

Due to her connection to these dark arts, Bayonetta possesses a variety of abilities that make her all-powerful, not to mention her contracts with demonic creatures. Even without her monstrous allies, Bayonetta has superhuman strength, being able to easily overpower large foes as well as demolish buildings with her heeled boots.

4 Kratos – God of War

Kratos, also known as the Ghost of Sparta, had quite a difficult life within the God of the war franchise. After being tricked by the god of war Ares into murdering his own family, Kratos embarked on a quest for revenge.

The Ghost of Sparta defeated an abundant amount of gods and other creatures from Greek and Norse mythology, expressing his supernatural strength. After revealing that he himself is a demigod and a son of Zeus, players aren’t surprised at how easily Kratos can take on his other half-siblings.

3 Asura – Asura’s Wrath

Another demigod who seeks revenge on other demigods, Asura’s strength also increases with his rage. Asura’s rage grew for revenge since murdering his wife and stealing his daughter.

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Of all his gifts, Asura’s Strength is the most notable ability he uses to defeat his foes in this beat-’em-up title. Asura’s punches can shake the Earth’s core and cause ripples to form on his enemies, as well as seeing him easily lift and throw the Gohma, a huge dark entity.

2 Regigigas – Pokemon

Also known as the Colossal Pokémon, Regigigas is a Legendary Pokémon that was first seen in the title. Pokémon Platinum, where players could capture this extremely powerful unit. Standing nearly 4 meters away according to Sinnoh legend, Regigigas gathered landmasses using only rope to create the continent of Hisui.

Since those legendary times, Regigigas has retired to a quieter life, where players can meet him to recruit to their team for battles. In these Pokedex entries, Regigigas is mentioned that he made Pokémon out of rock or ice in his own image.

1 Din – The Legend of Zelda

The goddess of power and one of the three key goddesses who create the Triforce of Courage, Din is a powerful force in The Legend of Zelda. She is also one of the three golden goddesses who are said to have created the world of Hyrule, and so she has the immense power to not only lift mountains, but also form them.

According to the Deku Tree in The ocarina of time, Din, cultivated the land of Hyrule with his “mighty, fiery arms”. She is commonly associated with earth, fire and mountains, which is why a volcano bears her name, Eldin.

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