Video Game Characters Who Got Their Powers From The Weirdest Sources


Video games allow the player to step into the shoes of fictional beings and experience their abilities from their own perspective. Often times a character will be capable of great things due to their destiny or skills, but sometimes their powers are born from an unlikely place.

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Many video game characters are born with their powers, but some will find and improve them along their journey. These puzzling abilities can be gained through the influence of fate or the impact of others, but there are many instances where a character’s own actions will allow them to gain these otherworldly qualities. The sources of these unique abilities tend to vary, but some are stranger than others.


8 The Player – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The animal crossing The series sees the player placed in a charming world where Bells is forced to do anything. Obtaining this form of Submission is not difficult, but a lot of work is required if the player is looking to amass large amounts.

Similar to real life, money empowers those who possess it. Accumulating large sums of Bells allows the player to upgrade their home, purchase decorative items, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the town. Although it is an unusual power source, its effectiveness is hard to deny.

seven Sora – Kingdom Hearts

Many video game characters will get their powers through fate, but what happens when fate changes its mind? The opening of Kingdom Hearts sees Sora harnessing the power of the Keyblade, but only because his intended heir has yielded in darkness.

Ten years prior, Terra held the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony with Riku as he believed the young boy to be a deserving wielder of the blade. Fate was set in stone that day, but Riku’s questionable allegiances forced the Keyblade to align with Sora, the next best thing.

6 Noctis – Final Fantasy 15

Noctis and his family receive their powers from the Kings of Lucis, a group of ethereal beings who also act as the family’s ancestors. The Blood of Kings grants Noctis power over the Crystal, an unrivaled magical source that decides who will oppose the destruction of the world.

The Crystal absorbs Noctis and hosts it for ten years. Meanwhile, Noctis absorbs the powers needed to banish Ardyn from the world and eventually awakens to wield it. Few characters derive their powers from prolonged sleep, but Noctis is an exception.

5 Geralt – The Witcher

To become a Witcher, one must go through a process known as the Witcher Trials in which he unleashes his deepest strengths. This trial has a 30% success rate and only a few survive it, so only the bravest will attempt it.

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After surviving the trials, Geralt will act as a mercenary for hire. Sorcerers are renowned for their inhuman abilities, so acquiring their services to defeat a monster is rarely considered a bad investment. Geralt ingested an array of unusual herbs known as “herbs” to unlock his abilities, but most video game characters require a more substantial meal to enhance their skills.

As the last Dovah-Kiin, the Dragonborn is the only being capable of ending Alduin’s reign of terror. The return of the Dragonborn was prophesied on Alduin’s Wall, an ancient piece of architecture that predicted the event to come before the resurrection of the World Eater.

While the Dragonborn’s primary powers see them harnessing abilities associated with dragons, they can also unlock magical properties confined to Standing Stones scattered across the world. Each stone will grant the player a useful buff if they interact with it, an odd way to gain power, but still a welcome one.

3 Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn

The opening of Horizon Zero Dawn sees Aloy stumble upon a ruin site, a forgotten facility teeming with relics of the past. During her exploration of the site, she discovers a device known as the Focus, an earpiece that gives her the power to manipulate the rogue machines that roam the land.

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Although it was Aloy’s destiny to prevent a second Faro Plague, she wouldn’t be unable to do so without her trusty earpiece. She struggles with it at first but begins to understand it more as the story progresses. In a post-apocalyptic world where all technology is considered inherently bad, relying on an old device from the past seems like a bad choice, but Aloy does it anyway.

2 Miles Morales – Marvel’s Spider-Man

Knowing that most fans already know how Peter Parker acquired his abilities, Marvel’s Spiderman instead opts to reuse this storyline for the character of Miles Morales. While sorting through a selection of cardboard boxes, Miles winces in pain before clapping his hands at a spider.

He gazes at the now crushed spider in his palm before the scene fades to black, leaving the player to speculate on whether he too will be given similar abilities to Peter’s. It is only during the game’s climax that Miles reveals to Peter that he can now hang from ceilings, confirming that he too has been granted powers through a spider bite.

1 Mario – Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey again tasks Mario with rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser, the series’ main antagonist. In his quest to save Peach, Mario travels to a variety of different kingdoms to gain the powers necessary to save his princess, but his methods fall far short of what fans would expect.

Unlike previous renditions where Mario ate mushrooms to gain otherworldly powers, Super Mario Odyssey sees him relying on Cappy to unlock most of his abilities. He wears Cappy on his head for most of the game and will often use him to roam the terrain of the world. When cast on certain creatures, Cappy also allows Mario to take on their appearance, granting him their skills in the process.

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