VIP Capital Funding provides EIDL funds and cash advances to small and medium businesses


The leading financial technology company facilitates and accelerates EIDL funds and merchant cash advances to small and medium-sized businesses.

Raleigh, NC, October 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Joshua E Triplet

Owner and Senior Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding: Joshua E Triplett

Amid the deadly impact of the coronavirus on the global economy, VIP Capital Funding offers its continued support to several companies nationwide. The leading financial technology company facilitates and accelerates EIDL funds and merchant cash advances to small and medium-sized businesses.

These financial products are offered by their skillful team of experts under the able leadership of the company’s CEO, Mr. Joshua E Triplett. Together, they help accelerate the growth and cash flow of small and medium-sized businesses through simple, consultative approaches.

How do EIDL funds help small businesses?

According to the CEO, “Economic disaster loan or EIDL funds benefit companies in various industries including working capital, inventory, equipment, payroll, etc.

“It also includes financing business owners with MCAs or merchant cash advances. These financing solutions aim to serve as a symbiotic and mutually beneficial combination to meet working capital needs in these uncertain times ”, added Mr. Triplett.

How do MCAs promise to provide incredible financial support?

VIP Capital Funding helps business owners by understanding their needs first. Following this, their experienced consultants provide the most suitable suggestion for owners to take advantage of the capital by making a wholesale purchase at a discount and using the MCA funds as a gateway before the EIDL advance is sanctioned.

It should be noted that MCA is revolving capital designed to mutually benefit all parties involved. Due to the total capital sanctioned, MCAs will prove advantageous to cover past and future MCA debts of owners, while companies await funds from EIDL. The fund is designed to help with wholesale discounts for inventory, materials, marketing, etc. It further offers tax benefits and waives the cost of capital with prepayment discounts.

VIP Capital Funding additionally provides one of the fastest approvals within 24-48 hours. The payback period depends on the owner’s turnaround on the investment to earn profit.

Can this be explained by a case study?

Two great examples from Mr. Joshua E Triplett clearly explained the benefits. If a business owner makes an investment that has a 3 month lead time to make a profit, it would pay off for them to have a 5-6 month lead time. In addition, the amount depends on the cash flow of the business rather than the credit rating. Likewise, a repayment term of 8-10 months would be ideal for a period of 6 months to make a profit.

How does MCA score better than traditional loans?

Business owners generally think that bank loans are the best possible option, which is not always the case. Traditional loans come with several conditions and take 30 to 90 calendar days for approval.

If you consider the statistics, business owners only have about a 5% chance of approval after a lot of wasted time, effort and energy. MCA financing brings about a 90% chance of approval if business owners make a monthly deposit of at least $ 25,000 and have a credit rating of at least 590. VIP Capital Funding sanctions financing incredibly quickly.

Again, some of the difficulties with traditional bank loans are long approval time, low chance of funding, prepayment penalties, etc. For example, a business owner is approved with a 5% probability for 3-5 years with the time required for a traditional bank loan of $ 100,000 to $ 200,000. As it uses all funds, there will be prepayment penalties and no renewals.

On the contrary, if homeowners take a $ 100,000 – $ 200,000 MCA for 3-6 months from VIP Capital Funding, they can repay the loan without a prepayment penalty and enjoy prepayment discount benefits. The fintech company will ensure that the advance is renewed once the owner is ready to reinvest for their capital needs.

What is VIP Capital Funding’s suggestion to its clients?

VIP Capital Funding strongly recommends that business owners make their decisions based on return on investment or return on investment and ensure that they are making a profit. Promising to be a reliable FinTech company, they want to ensure that every capital injection is beneficial for all parties involved. This approach will simultaneously help the company to retain multiple long-term customers who earn between $ 200,000 and $ 30,000,000 per year.

What is VIP capital financing?

VIP Capital Funding is a reputable financial technology company with 20 exceptionally knowledgeable financial consultants. The company is dedicated to providing and empowering small businesses with smart financing solutions. They are renowned for offering innovative products and services, fast processing of funds, and building long-term customer relationships.

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