YouTube sensation Joe Sugg reveals his five best video game characters



Under any video on his ThatcherJoeGames game channel, you’ll find feeds of comments / requests from his 1.78 million subscribers for Joe Sugg to play The Sims.

The 20-year-old game series is a fan favorite on its channel, with the 28-year-old having dedicated weeks of his life to causing reality TV-style dramas in The Sims Universe for the entertainment of strangers on Internet.

All of this means that the news that Sugg himself is turned into a Sim will undoubtedly send thousands of people to their consoles ready to spend the night in the game.

As part of the launch of The Sims’ latest Play With Life campaign, Sugg was one of many celebrities, including High School Musical royalty Vanessa Hudgens, to be transformed into The Sim.

Explaining why he was involved, Sugg said it was because The Sims was “the only game he’s played on a regular basis for the past 20 years.”

“[The Sims] is in a league of its own. There is nothing like it and it has clearly stood the test of time, ”he adds.

“And he’s right, whether you’re a typical gamer or not – you’ll definitely have played The Sims at least once during your teenage years. And that’s as true now, as it was when it launched in 2000, with The Sims. 4 – now five years old – reporting that he has an average of 200 million monthly active players.

“Growing up, we only had a family PC, so we had to have a rotation system to stop the fights between my sister and me,” suggests fun. “I would come home and play for the first two hours, then she would play later.

“The worst thing you could do to your brother or sister was go in their time, or worse yet, go into their world and play with their house.”

But how does it feel to be transformed into a Sim? Well, according to Sugg, the process was like in a Kendrick Lamar music video.

“On the set they had this camera and it was the same type they used to [HUMBLE] where it revolves around its head, ”he explains. “He’s moving so fast and he’s on a crane arm.

“They program it to be within an inch of your face, and then it will circle around you. You really stand still in trusting the technology and hoping it does its job.

When it comes to his Sim’s style (whose outfit is currently jeans, a t-shirt, and a black denim jacket), Sugg had a little input, but he wants to let his fans decide on his fashion choices.

“The joy of The Sims is that you can make yourself look exactly what you want. You don’t have to lock yourself in trying new things, ”he adds. “If the fans want to pierce my ears?” You can. Even though I’m too scared to do it in real life.

What seems like a challenge to us, a challenge that we are sure his fans will take up eagerly.

And if you’re looking for more gaming inspiration, you’ll want to check out the list below. Created by Sugg himself, there’s a lot more old-fashioned choice of where this came from.

Reveal Joe Sugg’s all-time favorite video game characters – after all, who better to ask than a man who has become one of his own.

Joe Sugg’s Mini-Me is available for download now and you can buy The Sims 4 now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

1. Joe Sugg (Sims Edition)

Exclusive: YouTuber Joe Sugg reveals his top five video game characters

“I have to put myself as Sim at number one – just do it. I grew up with The Sims and have been playing it since I was a kid. Now I can tell my fans who loved my The Sims series. Sims have been on YouTube for years now that I’ve been a part of the game. You can upload me to your Sim’s house and it’s so cool.

2. Lara Croft

Exclusive: YouTuber Joe Sugg reveals his top five video game characters

“I was kinda in love with her when I was younger.” The queen of video games? “I would be okay with that.”

3. Daxter

Exclusive: YouTuber Joe Sugg reveals his top five video game characters

“Daxter from the Jak and Daxter games has to be up there. I was going to make Halo’s Master Chief three, but I think he needs to back down one (sorry Master Chief!).

4. Headmaster

Exclusive: YouTuber Joe Sugg reveals his top five video game characters

“I only really liked one of the Halo games – Halo 3 – but I played it a lot as a teenager and the game was really important to me. I really enjoyed playing it as a character.

5. ToeJam and Earl

Exclusive: YouTuber Joe Sugg reveals his top five video game characters

“Can they count as one?” I have to put them on for the sake of the good old days. It was the first game I played because my first game console was a Sega MegaDrive.

“I feel bad that I missed Sonic and all those retro classics, but I think it’s too obvious. I have become a little obscure.



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